The Black - Dance With The Devil

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This is the third release from LA's The Black, my review of their first album is here on GDM, back then I described their music as a fusion of Cheap Trick and Motorhead.

The Black - Dance With The Devil
ARTIST: The Black
ALBUM: Dance With The Devil
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2019

LINEUP: Joel Burns - lead guitar * George Wright - lead vocals, bass * Garrett Smith - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Jukebox Zero * 02 The Last Unicorn * 03 Get Up * 04 Greedy Eyes * 05 Dance with the Devil * 06 Mr Tomorrow * 07 Blue Eyed Devil * 08 Cock Rock Cops * 09 Crazy World, 10 When the Darkness Is Done



This is the third release from LA's The Black, my review of their first album can also be found on Glory Daze and back then I described their music as a rather splendid coming together of Cheap Trick and Motorhead, which in itself is no mean feat!

But with this new album there has been a slight change in musical direction, with the band sounding more like early Motley Crue (although I'm only talking about 'Too Fast For Love' here) in places as well as having a touch of early KISS about them too.

The Songs

'Jukebox Zero' comes flying out the traps like a dog on heat, with George Wright giving a cracking throaty vocal performance. 'The Last Unicorn' again heads off in similar breakneck speed, and has a NWOBHM feel to it.

'Get Up' has all the hallmarks of early KISS, with its insistent riffing and catchy chorus, whilst the drumming is a real throwback to the days when Peter Criss was in his prime, hell it even sounds as if guitarist Joel Burns has been listening to vintage Ace Frehley, an album highlight for sure.

Elsewhere, the title track is a crackin' slice of (fairly) doomy rock, and the wonderfully titled 'Cock Rock Cops' has its tongue firmly in its cheek and is a glorious piece of, yep you got it Cock rock!

'Crazy World' is a faithful cover of the Redd Kross/Frightwig tune and the album is rounded off with 'When The Darkness Is Done' and really does sound like something from Motley's 'Too Fast For Love' opus.

The production is right in your face and pulls no punches. Only downside? No KISS cover this time round, which is a shame as their previous albums had bangin' versions of 'Parasite' and 'The Oath'.

In Summary

This is in your face, powerful stuff, and for just the three of them they make one hell of a racket, but at the same time it sounds like the guys in the band had a real blast recording this as it has an air of mischievousness about it all. It's out there on YouTube and all the digital platforms, CD Baby etc, etc, and is well worth investigating.


The Black

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