Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild

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If you believe that the music of today pales in comparison to the classics of the 80s, I urge - yea implore - you to give this a listen. It stands tall against anything - anything - from that era in this style.

Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild
ARTIST: Crazy Lixx
ALBUM: Forever Wild
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2019

LINEUP: Danny Rexon - vocals * Chrisse Olsson - guitars * Jens Lundgren - guitars * Jens Sjoholm - bass * Joel Cirera - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Wicked * 02 Break Out * 03 Silent Thunder * 04 (She's Wearing) Yesterday's Face * 05 Eagle * 06 Terminal Velocity * 07 It's You * 08 Love Don't Live Here Anymore * 09 Weekend Lover * 10 Never Die (Forever Wild)

RATING: Score=100%


Crazy Lixx really hit the proverbial ball out of the park with album number 5 back in 2017. 'Ruff Justice' was my first heavy exposure to the band. They had a largely new lineup for that release, and the band's sound incorporated more AOR elements than we'd heard before. I absolutely loved that album, giving it a perfect 10 in my review and placing it a very close second to the debut Midnite City album in my year-end recap.

So, I was obviously excited to see what they'd do next. In these days of social media, you can get a lot more personal info from the artists themselves. Craxy Lixx has an active presence on Facebook, so I got to hear about the recording process plus a few song snippets, plus the three songs released before the full album.

Danny Rexon also recorded several videos about the upcoming album to give more insight on what to expect. They kept the same lineup for this one as well - they sure seem to be great guys who enjoy being in this thing together.


The Songs

It just so happens that the first three songs and videos released early are the first three tracks on the album. So I had time to digest them in that order. First off is a typical Crazy Lixx tune called 'Wicked'. It kicks this album off in the same excellent manner as 'Wild Child' did for 'Ruff Justice'.

Every Frontiers release must have a relentlessly upbeat and positive song, and 'Break Out' fills that role in a big way. The liner notes state that this album was 'inspired by the fictional 1989 hit motion picture' Silent Thunder' (I love these guys' humor). If that's the case, then that movie must have been like 'Top Gun', with the title track of that movie paying homage to the Swedish Air Force.

If you follow these guys on Facebook, the intro to this one is what they've been using as an album teaser the past several weeks. Cool video for it too, which would have been right in place 30+ years ago.

If you're a fan of huge guitar riffs, you'll dig '(She's Wearing) Yesterday's Face', which is unapologetically tough. One more cool thing about this band is that both guitarists are excellent soloists, combining technique and melody in a manner that enhances each song. That, combined with killer riffs, is a winning combination.

'Eagle' is truly an epic song, over six minutes of greatness that would be one of those album cuts that becomes a huge fan favorite. It can be hard to follow up a song like that, but 'Terminal Velocity' is up to the task. It's the only song where Danny Rexon has a co-write credit, and that would be Mike Palace, who is becoming quite the busy guy these days and not a bad person to have on your team (he also provides backing vocals on several song).

Up next is your 'happy love song' in 'It's You', and it's a good one with a chorus that you'll remember long after the song ends. Balancing out the giddy happiness of that song is the requisite power ballad 'Love Don't Live Here Anymore', which is pure class.

'Weekend Lover' opens with a powerful chugging guitar riff that sounds both exciting and familiar, leading to an utterly outstanding chorus. Damn this is good stuff. Let's end this thing with another killer anthem, 'Never Die (Forever Wild)', which goes out with guns blazing - Olsson and Lundgren trading solos and Cirera beating the hell out of his drums.

In Summary

If you believe that the music of today pales in comparison to the classics of the 80s, I urge - yea implore - you to give this a listen. It stands tall against anything - anything - from that era in this style. If I gave 'Ruff Justice' a ten - and it deserved every digit of that score - how can I give this one anything less?

It's a perfect album to my 80's-influenced ears. After the first listen, I felt like I 'knew' each distinct song (yeah, I know I had a head start with the first three…), and that's not always the case with modern albums. If you follow my reviews and have similar tastes, do not hesitate - Get. This. Now.


Break Out

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