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ARTIST: Downes And Price
ALBUM: Downes And Price
LABEL: Atlantic
SERIAL: 7 81637-1
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Cliff Downes - keyboards, vocals * Jimmy Price - vocals * Gordon Kennedy, Jeff Southworth, Joe Taylor, John Goin - guitars * Larry Fast, Rob Moundsy, Shane Keister, Tommy Mandel - keyboards * Bob Babbet, David Hood, Gary Lunn, Michael Rhodes, T.M. Stevens - bass * Jerry Carrigan, Larrie Londin, Roger Hawkins - drums * Charlie DeChant - sax * Ahmet Ertegun - production

TRACK LISTING: 01 New York Hold Her Tight And Reprise * 02 Where Does Love Go * 03 Save Your Love * 04 My Imagination * 05 I Go To Pieces * 06 (I'm Gonna) Miss You Girl * 07 Promises Are Made To Be Broken * 08 This Time (I'm Really In Love) * 09 Girls Voices * 10 Feed The Fire


Without doubt, the pairing of Downes And Price were the epitome of 'soundtrack AOR'. The sort of music you can see and hear on YouTube when you bring up 'Best AOR' in your search engine.

This duo were based in Nashville. Cliff Downes was the principal songwriter, and moved to Nashville after spending his formative years at the University of Alabama during the early 80's.

In fact, Downes songwriting work drew the attention of Atlantic Records head-honcho Ahmet Ertegun, who offered a deal, and provided the glossy production.

Bringing in Jimmy Price as the vocal talent was a good move, so too the assembled talent of Nashville's best studio hounds.

The Songs

No two ways about it, there is some fantastic hooky AOR on display, which should have been huge back in 1986. Sure, we all heard about Van Stephenson's 'Suspicious Heart' which was also a local Nashville product at the time, so too others, but Downes and Price didn't even register a blip on the charts.

Just take a listen to the superb 'Save Your Love' which reminds me of Joe Bruce And Second Avenue. 'Where Does Love Go' is just mid 80's AOR perfection, and though the chorus might sound a touch familiar, when it's played this well who cares?

'Promises Are Made To Be Broken' is another exceptional track, breathy and spacious, pumping bass, and synths dabbling in the higher registers. It's all good really.

In Summary

On the album jacket, this boys could've been auditioning for Miami Vice, and to be perfectly honest, some of thie songs would've been a perfect fit for that TV show.

However, truth be told, both guys are better known in the country music scene, and that is where they've made their name, particularly as songwriters for other country artists.

The album drew three singles ('New York Hold Her Tight And Reprise', 'Where Does Love Go' and 'Save Your Love'), but overall, the album got lost in the shuffle of 1986. This is definitely an album worth an official CD reissue, and hopefully one day this might happen.


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