Steeler (Germany) - 1986 Strike Back

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ARTIST: Steeler (Germany)
ALBUM: Strike Back
LABEL: SPV/Steamhammer
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: Reissue List


LINEUP: Peter Burtz - vocals * Axel Rudi Pell - guitar * Tom Eder - guitar * Roland Hag - bass * Jan Yildiral - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Chain Gang * 02 Money Doesn't Count * 03 Danger Comeback * 04 Icecold * 05 Messing Around With Fire * 06 Rockin' The City * 07 Strike Back * 08 Night After Night * 09 Waiting For A Star


Not to be confused with the Ron Keel fronted Steeler also from the early 80's, this version was a uniquely German heavy metal outfit who are best remembered for producing noted guitarist Axel Rudi Pell, who went on to a successful career after Steeler folded.

This was the bands third album, following the 1983 self-titled affair and 1985's 'Rulin' The Earth'. This was easily their best album, a melodic metal masterpiece which takes on a variety of styles, from basic heavy metal to thrash leanings.

The Songs

It could be argued Steeler's sound resembles a thousand other metal bands from the period, but they were more refined than most, with polished production and stunning guitar work naturally.

'Chain Gang' is a tough opening track, opening in ballad fashion, before quickly evolving into a hard rock masterpiece. The vocals and riffs have a sense of desperation and the chorus is instantly memorable.

This carries over into 'Money Doesn't Count' and its huge chanted hook. This one is easily on par with American counterparts like Ratt, Dokken or Motley Crue in terms of quality.

Even better is 'Rockin' The City' with a ton of melodic guitar work, the riffs galloping like nobody's business.

'Icecold' and 'Messin Around' are similarly upbeat, but the title track adopts a speed metal approach, blowing away the likes of Accept or The Scorpions for example.

'Night After Night' has a commercial vibe, very American in style, while 'Danger Comeback' is another rampant thrasher, extremely tidy by 1986 standards.

In Summary

Nothing even remotely close to average here, an overlooked classic if ever there was one. Steeler's last effort would be 1988's 'Undercover Animal' before they called it a day.

This slab of uncompromising metal is a high point however, something which deserves greater recognition by metal historians.


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