Idle Eyes - 1986 Love's Imperfection

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ARTIST: Idle Eyes
ALBUM: Love's Imperfection
SERIAL: 258301-1
YEAR: 1986
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LINEUP: Tad Campbell - lead vocals * Scott Hall - guitars * Bruce MacKenzie - keyboards * Miles Hill - bass * Phil Robertson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Love's Imperfection * 02 Power Game * 03 Sandra * 04 Arms Of Love * 05 Lonely House * 06 Falling * 07 In Your Room * 08 Wind It Up * 09 Burning * 10 Silent Lies

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Of the many Canadian bands originating from Vancouver, Idle Eyes would have to be one of the few that escaped everyone's attention, despite attaining a big label deal with WEA Canada.

They released a handful of albums, and arguably, their second 'Love's Imperfection' is their best, though not the most successful.

The band's leader Tad Campbell had an unusual beginning with things starting out in Australia of all places, and then hooking up with a female singer in Donna McConville.

Eventually, Campbell and McConville migrated back to Vancouver and after a few years (including personnel changes and a move from being a ska/reggae band to a new wave outfit), they finally settled into hard rock territory and penned a deal with WEA Canada on the back of a demo.

The resulting 1985 debut was a pretty big deal all round, with two hit singles and a nominations for the annual Juno Awards.


The Songs

On this album, two new recruits were added: guitarist Scotty Hall replacing Glenn Smith and keyboardist Bruce MacKenzie stepping in for John Webster (Red Rider).

Described as a synth pop band on both Discogs and Wikipedia, this is not an overly accurate description of Idle Eyes. This is closer to Canadian hi-tech pop rock, a la Body Electric and The Arrows, though another band which sounds close are Aussies Avion.

Highlights for me include the opener and title track 'Love's Imperfection', the bouncy 'Power Game', the moody 'Lonely House' with some super lead guitar work, 'Falling', plus the fast paced 'Wind It Up'

In Summary

This album was pretty good for what it was, but lived in the successful shadow of its debut predecessor.

Released around Christmas 1986 and without a supporting video probably didn't help its cause, the band and label parting ways in early 1987.

Undeterred, Campbell would release a third album in 1988 on the indie label Black Rose.


Idle Eyes - Love's Imperfection

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