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This album has a wonderful early 70's air about it and at times out does one of their main musical references, Paul McCartney, this is sophisticated pop music at it's very best.

McPherson/Grant - Song
ARTIST: McPherson/Grant
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2018

LINEUP: Produced, written, played, arranged and recorded by Scott McPherson and Jamie Grant

Additional Musicians: Zak Nilsson - drums * Clara and Robin Moir - vocals, background vocals * Dee Long - keyboards, vocals * Andrea Perry - bass * Terry Draper, John Vangen - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Little Green Men * 02 Housekeeper * 03 Not My Cup Of Tea * 04 No For An Answer * 05 My Favourite Thing * 06 Big Picture People * 07 Cheese * 08 Sunday Brunch * 09 The Marvellous And Mysterious Adventures Of Sir Ollie And His Ox * 10 It's The Day * 11 Let's Drive To Summer * 12 The Love Of Her Life * 13 Waiting For The Sunflowers * 14 Life Is Grand * 15 Come Around Again * 16 Wynken, Blynken & Nod


Until a few weeks ago I was blissfully unaware of McPherson/Grant, but a buddy of mine over in the US of A said I really must give this a listen, and I'm so glad I did.

These boys have some pedigree, in that they've played in various bands throughout the years (Pop 4, Liars Club etc), but then getting together, well actually I believe they've never met and completed this album through sharing files etc, have produced one of THE records of the year.

The Songs

This album has a wonderful early 70's air about it and at times out does one of their main musical references, Paul McCartney. This is sophisticated pop music at it's very best. 'Little Green Men', featuring Klaatu's Dee Long is a great example, catchy, lyrically very clever and a perfect opener for what is to follow.

'Not My Cup of Tea' name checks every blend of tea imaginable in a superbly jaunty, yet unassuming way, so you can see this is not your run of the mill album. There's also the English Music Hall like 'The Marvellous and Mysterious Adventures of Sir Ollie and his Ox' to delight in too.

The album is not without its more thoughtful moments though and the quite beautiful 'My Favourite Thing' and 'The Love Of Her Life' really do tug on the heart strings, the latter being very Bacharach like and featuring an exquisite vocal from Clara Moir.

Everywhere you look on this album though you'll find witty, droll but oh so satisfying tunes. It's 16 tracks flow seamlessly making for an absorbing listen. The production is crisp and clear, and there's some really inspired song arranging going on too just for good measure.

In Summary

This is another album that has come out of the blue. A gem, it's that simple. Records such as this are a pure joy, and I've just wallowed in its glorious splendour ever since getting my greasy mitts on it.

Messrs McPherson and Grant I doff my cap to you both. This album comes with my highest recommendation, an essential buy.

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