Rebel Hot - Uncomfortableness

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In the past, some European bands have tried to emulate southern rock even though they are geographically displaced, we can now add RebelHot to the list.

Rebel Hot - Uncomfortableness
ARTIST: RebelHot
ALBUM: Uncomfortableness
LABEL: Metalapolis Records
YEAR: 2018
SPONSOR: Two Sides Moon Promotions

LINEUP: Husty - vocals, tambourine * Paul - guitar, vocals * Ze - bass, vocals * Frank - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 How Is Elvis * 02 Hey Mama * 03 Wheeler Dealer * 04 High Heels, Hot Wheels * 05 Sunday Morning * 06 Mad Train * 07 Keep On Keepin' On * 08 Love And Divine * 09 Soul Stealer * 10 Stand Up

RATING: Score=80%


Who would've thought? An Italian band doing southern rock. And they do it damn good too. RebelHot have been in existence since 2012 and now have two albums to their name. 'Uncomfortableness' (yes long-winded album title and all that) is the second latest and greatest, and these boys should go down like the South's finest bourbon from San Antone all the way to the Carolinas.

Hearing them and you'd be hard pressed to tell that they originate from the land of pasta and ferrari! The interesting thing with their career path so far, is the involvement of Frontiers producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (mastering), and Cry of Love singer Jason Patterson (as a special guest) on their 2016 debut.

RebelHot bandpic

The Songs

The guitar work incorporates a load of Texan slide techniques. So the obvious reference point would be ZZ Top, but not strictly. The first 'How Is Elvis' is a good example of this. 'Hey Mama' is a good time boogie and blues workout, complete with the handclaps and a sing-along chorus. 'Wheeler Dealer' kicks up heels though is stripped back and raw.

There's more wheels and heels to be found on 'High Heels, Hot Wheels', while the fun-time 'Sunday Morning' is an enjoyable Texan boogie romp. The southern rock influence is taken to new highs on 'Mad Train' though I don't hear any choo-choo's in the mix. These guys could be huge in Jacksonville!

RebelHot decide to employ a simplistic style for 'Keep On Keepin' On', whereas 'Love And Divine' is the slow-burn ballad of the album. 'Soul Stealer' is one of highlights of the album (video below), a sassy rocker with a hot babe featured in the video to make things alluring. There's more smokey southern goodness on the finale 'Stand Up', which sounds more appropriate in the land of the Dixie than it does Italy.

In Summary

In the past, some European bands have tried to emulate southern rock even though they are geographically displaced. I can think of Germans Lizard and Swiss merchants Roadfever as two that spring to mind. I'm sure there are others. We can now add RebelHot to the list. Check them out if Texan styled boogie is your game.


Soul Stealer

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