Poets Of The Fall - Ultraviolet

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'Ultraviolet' is an album you'll need to put on repeat play to get the most out of it, the energetic edgy rock they displayed on earlier albums doesn't really surface here.

Poets Of The Fall - Ultraviolet
ARTIST: Poets Of The Fall
ALBUM: Ultraviolet
LABEL: Insomniac, Playground Music
YEAR: 2018

LINEUP: Marko Saaresto - vocals * Olli Tukiainen - guitar * Markus 'Captain' Kaarlonen - keyboards, production * Jaska Mäkinen - guitar * Jani Snellman - bass * Jari Salminen - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Dancing On Broken Glass * 02 My Dark Disquiet * 03 False Kings * 04 Fool's Paradise * 05 Standstill * 06 The Sweet Escape * 07 Moments Before The Storm * 08 In A Perfect World * 09 Angel * 10 Choir Of Cicadas

RATING: Score=70%


We've written about this Finnish band often enough over the years. However, it's our first look at them for some time, and considering they've released a bunch of albums in the last ten years, it seems we have some catching up to do. The thing I liked about POTF on their earlier records was their ability to sound gilt-edged, while keeping the melody and energy hard driving.

This is not the case on 'Ultraviolet'. I feel the band have softened their grip somewhat, and allowed studio trickery and modern touches to infiltrate their music. This might appeal to the younger brigade, but these blokes are no spring chickens, so that shouldn't be an excuse.

Poets Of The Fall bandpic

The Songs

The lead-off song 'Dancing On Broken Glass' became the single for the album and shows a band bristling with melodic intent, if a little more pop-oriented than a pure rock-out.

'My Dark Disquiet' twists on a flurry of keyboard parts with an upbeat tempo to boot. I quite liked it, but reading between the lines, it seems like the band are in some sort of transition. 'False Kings' reminded me of INXS 'Never Tears Us Apart'. If that was the intention then it worked perfectly. If not, then we have a problem Houston.

Probably the pick of the bunch so far is 'Fools Paradise'. Ah this is more like it, POTF reverting to 'type' it would seem. It's just as well because it looked the album was headed (figuratively) South. The acoustic jangle/ramble 'Standstill' comes as a change-up moment, A respite which probably wasn't needed halfway through the album.

Slowing the tempo down even more is 'The Sweet Escape', which comes across like The Cars 'Drive'. If it contained any more synths it could've been labelled a synthwave track. Not a bad thing I'll admit. 'Moments Before The Storm' is a deceptive track, with slow-burn verses with energetic choruses to offset it. A good track but unusual delivery.

I liked the restraint of 'In A Perfect World'. Acoustic mostly, but built on tender melodies. Some goes for 'Angel' with its haunting arrangement before kicking into life on the chorus which again invokes a synthwave comparison. Is this a good thing? Personally I don't mind, though others will The album finishes up with the melancholy 'Choir Of Cicadas', so for those hoping POTF would go out with a bang you'll be sorely disappointed.

In Summary

'Ultraviolet' is an album you'll need to put on repeat play to get the most out of it. The energetic edgy rock they displayed on earlier albums doesn't really surface here. The songwriting is still really good, no problems there, but it's like POTF were caught in two minds when writing this.

Is it a rock band doing pop, or vice versa? Still, a handful of tracks make the grade, and if (as described above) you are a synthwave fan, then a couple of songs marginally touch on the genre. Worth a little looksie.



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