Revolution Highway - Revolution Highway

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Please, if you want to check a hard chugging band that can smoke up a stage (and a studio), then head on down the Revolution Highway!

Revolution Highway - Revolution Highway
ARTIST: Revolution Highway
ALBUM: Revolution Highway
LABEL: Grooveyard Records
YEAR: 2018

LINEUP: David Fefolt - lead vocals * Stavros Papadopoulos - guitars * John Christopoulos - bass * Chris 'Rock Machine' Lagios - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Renegade * 02 Young And Wild * 03 Into The Darkness * 04 The Streets Of Hollywood * 05 Rollin' Train * 06 Sister Of The Devil * 07 I Need Your Love * 08 All The Way Down * 09 Know Mercy, Know Love * 10 Losing You Again * 11 Revolution Highway

RATING: Score=90%


Revolution Highway are a mostly Greek outfit with an American singer. Not just any singer, it's Dave Fefolt who has previously treaded the boards for noted outfits Firewolfe, Fifth Angel and Masi

The other ace in the hole is guitarist Stavros Papadopoulos, who is no six-string slouch. He comes from the band Super Vintage along with drummer Chris Lagios. The band are firing off riffs in the vein of Badlands and Tesla, along with others playing in that bluesy style.

The Songs

Leading off is the tough blues rocker 'Renegade'. They kick up dust from the outset, and this is a mighty introduction to this combo as we're gonna get.

I had to have a huge chuckle listening to 'Young And Wild'. This is an absolute copycat of Fierce Heart's 'Lion's Share'. I kid you not. Though this one is played in a bluesy tone, the similar guitar riff is unmistakable. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Perhaps Rex Carroll should be the judge of that.

Stavros is flying riffs off the handle with 'Into The Darkness', the verses are anchored somewhat but it's chocks away on the chorus and solo sections. 'The Streets Of Hollywood' underpins a tough vibe and attitude, complete with a bottle of whiskey and a shoulder full of nasty tattoos. Somewhere along this Revolution Highway I just knew we'd run into a train on our journey. This one just happens to be a 'Rollin' Train'. So for all you southern rock fans, you should feel justifiably appeased.

An album like this wouldn't be complete without a true southern rock/blues epic ballad. We get this with 'Sister Of The Devil', a bonafide slow burn bruiser at a touch of 6 minutes. I liked the sub-boogie of 'I Need Your Love' with a riff that has probably been emulated by thousands of rock bands over the decades. Can't knock something like this when it's so good.

'All The Way Down' is a meaty tough rocker, like gravy beef which needs to put through the slow cooker. 'Know Mercy, Know Love' on the other hand is the tale of a father taking vengeance for the loss of his daughter to a drug dealer. A too often recounted story in our real world which is mirrored in song.

The last two songs 'Losing You Again' and the title-track 'Revolution Highway' are both traditional southern rockers that identify what this quartet are all about.

In Summary

Revolution Highway are definitely flying under the review radar. I don't really count the 'great unwashed' of Amazon and YouTube. They have no clue. Please, if you want to check a hard chugging band that can smoke up a stage (and a studio), then head on down the Revolution Highway!


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