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ARTIST: Til Tuesday
ALBUM: Welcome Home
SERIAL: EK 40314
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Aimee Mann - lead vocals, bass * Robert Holmes - guitars * Joey Pesce - keyboards, synthesizer, piano * Michael Hausman - drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 What About Love * 02 Coming Up Close * 03 On Sunday * 04 Will She Just Fall Down * 05 David Denies * 06 Lovers Day * 07 Have Mercy * 08 Sleeping And Waking * 09 Angels Never Call *10 No One Is Watching You Now


I do remember picking this up on a roadtrip during Christmas 1988 or thereabouts. I also picked up a Larry Gowan LP too, plus a couple of other items which I can't remember off the top of my head.

I was bought back to 'Welcome Home' thanks to a live video clip of Aimee and the boys I saw recently. I'd forgotten how much I loved some of the songs on this, and went on a discovery through my record collection only to discover (lo and behold), that I'm missing one or two albums, including this one.

A trip through Torrent Land enabled a FLAC version to land on my desk overnight, and a refamiliarisation was in order.

The Songs

There are three absolute winners on the album. For starters, the hit single 'What About Love' should be familiar to all mid 80's trainspotters who ever sat near a television set and watched MTV, or listened to their favourite local radio station.

Then there's the quite beautiful 'Coming Up Close' which takes you on a long drive down a mid-west country road. When that's all done and dusted, TT deliver the wistful 'David Denies', a song about the confusion and complexity of relationships.

'Have Mercy' is a dreamy affair, toss in 'No One Is Watching You Now' which will have you floating on a cloud.

'Will She Just Fall Down' takes the quirky path, lots of piano tapping here, while 'Lovers Day' falls into the hi-tech pop category.

In Summary

Six of the ten songs were written solely by Aimee, more so than the material on the debut 'Voices Carry'.

As much as that album helped the band crack the US market in 1985 with a top 10 hit with the title-track (#9), I think I much preferred the songs on this one.

'Welcome Home' only made it to #49 in the Billboard Album charts, compared to a #19 position for 'Voices Carry' the previous year. I think I need this on CD again, so will look for a copy somewhere.

While I'm at it, perhaps a dig into Aimee's solo records might be in order too?

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