Cities - 1986 Annihilation Absolute

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ARTIST: Cities
ALBUM: Annihilation Absolute
LABEL: Metal Blade
SERIAL: 72176-4
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Ron Angeli - lead vocals * Steve Mironovich - guitars * Mayne - bass * A.J Pero - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Stop The Race * 02 Fight For Your Life * 03 Burn Forever * 04 Not Alone In The Dark * 05 Cruel Sea * 06 In The Still Of The Night * 07 Innocent Victim * 08 Shades Of Black * 09 Deceiver


I picked this up by accident the other day, and quite glad I did. It was Cities only album, the New York based band settled in quite nicely into a mid-80's metal zone with ease. In some places, they sound like a workingman's Dokken. In other parts, they head off in a Queensrcyhe and Virgin Steele direction.

The guitarwork from Steve Mironovich is very coarse and rough around the edges. No reverb or multiple stereo chorus pedals to be found in his kit bag. Drummer A.J Pero holds up the back-end for this band. Apparently he was a member of Cities prior to joining Twisted Sister during their successful 1982-1985 tenure, and returned to them to record this album for Metal Blade.

The Songs

The material here comes across as being heavy handed, but that was the era in which this album was recorded. And with Metal Blade's backing, 'Annihilation Absolute' could only have gone in one direction. Cities modus operandi is heard from the start, with 'Stop The Race' setting the standard. check the rough and ready riffs on 'Fight For Your Life', a relic from the 80's for sure.

There's more gut-wretching riffs from Steve Mironovich on 'Burn Forever', sounding similar to Texans Helstar. No mean feat, that's for sure. By this stage, Cities are werll on their way, 'Not Alone In The Dark' keeping the pace without sweat being generated. 'Cruel Sea' heads down the epic path, a la Virgin Steele or Warlord when they were having some time-out.

The bells toll on 'In The Still Of The Night', with a doom metal entrance but returning to normal transmission soon after. 'Innocent Victin' crawls into gear, but with a Metallica resurrection, Cities soon turn up the action. Notwithstanding, both 'Shades Of Black' and 'Deceiver' power their way to the finish line.

In Summary

Cities never went beyond this one album, so you can easily find it out there on the Internet if you're prepared to search for it. The album does have some merit as an old school US metal effort, and though it does sound a little dated in parts, it should be investigated if you're into that mid 80's heavy metal sound, referencing many of the bands mentioned in this article.

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