Matinee - 1986 Matinee (EP)

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ARTIST: Matinee
ALBUM: Matinee [ep]
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Jim Howard - guitars, vocals * Nick Phillips - bass, vocals * Timothy Ray Manfredi - keyboards, vocals * Scott B Holcomb - keyboards * Keith Ard - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Can't Wait * 02 Girl, I Want You Back * 03 Don't Break My Heart * 04 I Need You


A Californian based outfit from the mid 80's that released one EP and then disappeared off the map. These guys played a semi pomp/hi-tech AOR style, similar to Bitter Sweet Alley, Shyster and Beau Coup. Two keyboardists always helps things out, and this band do indeed have a pair of ivory tinklers. The four tracks on offer are very stylish, and show this band's credentials, and quite easily Matinee could've been major label contenders, though admittedly the melodic rock scene was trending away from this style by 1986, as the hair-metal and MTV industries will testify in later years. 'I Can't Wait' is an interesting opener, with hi-tech elements. Maybe a bit of Bourgeois Tagg and Life By Night in the mix. 'Girl I Want You Back' is an excellent moody ballad with great vocals steeped in melodrama. 'Don't Break My Heart' lifts up into pomp territory, think Sojourn and Bystander for comparisons sake. The last of the four tracks is 'I Need You' which presents itself as a Surgin styled mid-paced rocker, though a touch lighter. Quite a likeable four-tracker, track it down.

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