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ALBUM: Foreign Shores
LABEL: Casablanca
SERIAL: 826 885-1 M-1
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: E. Wade - vocals, keyboards, programming, arrangements * Curtis Bosworth - guitars * Brad Buxer - keyboard programming * Charles Esposito - drums, percussion * Julia Waters, Luther Waters, Maxine Waters, Orin Waters - backing vocals * Paul Sabu - additional guitars, production

TRACK LISTING: 01 Foreign Shores * 02 Try To Remember * 03 In The Magic Hour * 04 All Of My Love * 05 Something In The Way * 06 Stay With Me * 07 Somebody Love You * 08 Playin' With My Heart * 09 You Shouldn't Have Told Me * 10 Over An Ocean Of You


Anyone remember hearing about this guy back in the day? I didn't, and I'll assume many other GDM'ers didn't either. Even a Google search provides next to nothing about this mysterious figure.

I'm sure he's not that mysterious really.. just saying. Anyone who has the backing of Paul Sabu on his production team deserves a mention on this website, and so it is that we have 'Foreign Shores' finally gracing our pages.

The Songs

Don't be fooled though. This is not a Sabu sounding album that we might all be familiar with, considering Paul's 1984 LP Kidd Glove, which was very much a pop rock record.

'Foreign Shores' doesn't go near that style, it is more of high-tech AOR, piano driven album. I put together a YouTube video for the title track, which you can hear below.

'Try To Remember' is a pumping affair, though the next track 'In The Magic Hour' is quite laid back and melodic.

'Stay With Me' features big dance-club sounding drums and percussion, the next track 'Someone Loves You' is equally uptempo keeping the club theme intact.

The music stays fixed to this dance-club/hi-tech style, but there is nothing that really shouts out loud at you, unlike some other acts from around the same timeframe.

In Summary

Reading up on all some old Billboard magazines during 1986, 'Foreign Shores' was definitely getting some publicity, and was also getting radio play right across the country, but it wouldn't amount to much as the album went incognito and disappeared off the radar.

Even at the time of this review (early 2017), I am still none the wiser as to who E Wade is. Maybe someone with any information can drop us a line. Thanks.

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