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ARTIST: Boom Boom Mancini
ALBUM: Boom Boom Mancini
LABEL: Ring Records
SERIAL: 207.772
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Ferry Van Leeuwen - vocals * Jaap De Jonckheere -guitars, vocals * Jeroen Ernst - keyboards, vocals * Frans Koenn - bass * Beau Wassenbergh - drums

Additional Musician: Bertus Borgers - horns, saxophone

TRACK LISTING: 01 You Open My Heart * 02 Red Skies * 03 Waiting For It All * 04 Wheels Of Passion * 05 Viva Zapata! * 06 Love Will Give Us Time * 07 Moonlight Dreaming * 08 Into The Line Of Fire * 09 Feel The Fist


This Dutch band have been dancing and prancing around my 1986 collection of fileshares for years now. I eventually picked this up after seeing it listed on some Dutch bloke's Vinyl/CD list. With the band named after legendary boxer Ray Mancini, who fought in the lightweight division of the WBA during the early 80's, these Dutchies are creating a hi-tech style of poppy AOR. To my way of thinking, this sounds very similar to Canadian acts from the late 80's. Diamond In The Rough, Cats Can Fly, New Regime, maybe Glass Tiger at a touch.

Three of BBM's personnel (De Jonckheere, Ernst and Wassenbergh) came from a prior Dutch band called Urban Heroes, who released three albums between 1980 and 1981. One of them was produced by Golden Earring's bass player Rinus Gerritsen. In fact, the GE connection goes even deeper, as the pairing of Barry Hay and George Kooymans (under the pseudonym The Circle Brothers) produced this LP on the duo's own record label: Ring Records (as in Earring).

The Songs

There are some really likeable tunes on BBM, though the opener 'You Open My Heart' is not one of them. I would've preferred to see this tune further down the track-listing, though in fairness, it does get better toward the end. Much stronger is 'Red Skies', which appears to be their best known song, judging by what I've seen on You Tube. A racy track for sure. Keyboards are everywhere on 'Waiting For It All', and it's a pleasant upbeat affair. We're onto something it would seem. The synths are really pumping on 'Wheels Of Passion', some darker shades here, a la Strange Advance or maybe even Ben Mink's mob FM. 'Viva Zapata' is high on bouncy percussive arrangements and is an instrumental. Bertus Borgers, who is part of the Golden Earring family as a touring musician with the band, appears here on saxophone. 'Love Will Give Us Time' continues the darker shade hi-tech style, big echoed drum-work, not quite Eight Seconds but in the same ball-park. 'Moonlight Dreaming' is an ethereal ballad, more like a sequence found on a movie soundtrack. BBM excel at the aforementioned hi-tech direction, with 'Into The Line Of Fire' backing up this statement. So too 'Feel The Fist', the closer, which is a great Icehouse flavoured track, with synths, driving drum-work and pumping bass all to the fore.

In Summary

'Boom Boom Mancini' is definitely entrenched with the mid 80's production techniques, which are all over this album. It's definitely worth an investigation if you're into this kind of stuff, especially the similarity to all those Canadian references made earlier. BBM would return for a second crack at the cherry, with 1993's follow-up 'Empowered'; by this stage the band had effectively been reduced to a trio (De Jonckheere, Ernst and Van Leeuwen).

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