Tokyo Science - 1986 Tokyo Science (EP)

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ARTIST: Tokyo Science
ALBUM: Tokyo Science (ep)
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Karl Frasier - vocals, bass * Jeff Castanon - guitars * Kevin Shobe - guitar, synthesizer * Angus Anderson - keyboards, saxophones * Franklin D. Reed - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Don't Limit Us * 02 Love That Girl * 03 Understand * 04 Say A Prayer * 05 Action Girls * 06 Prisoner In My Car


Tokyo Science were a Californian band who dabbled in a hi-tech/AOR sound, who released this one-off EP back in 1986. To me, they sound similar to Eddie And The Tide and The Imitators, and a handful of CCM acts around the same timeframe. The album was produced by lead singer and bassist Karl Frasier, and was a self-released affair, recorded at Goldmine Recording Studios in Ventura, LA.

The Songs

'Don't Limit Us' is the first of these six tracks. An urgent sounding tune, with the drum work keeping things ticking away at a good clip. 'Love That Girl' was less interesting, due to all the strange percussion going on. The song appears to be tripping up over itself. 'Understand' by comparison is much better, strong keyboards and a blasting sax solo. 'Say A Prayer' is definitely a by-product of the mid 80's, and take from that what you will, in an era where Miami Vice and McGyver ruled the roost. More percussion pervades 'Action Girls', a song which didn't appeal sorry to say, while the uptempo 'Prisoner In My Car' complete with synth parps and quirky twists and turns finishes on an upward trend.

In Summary

Albums like this were all over the place during the 80's, but were hard to find if you were living out of the area, or overseas.

It was the pre-Internet era after all, and only decades later could they be found on sites Ebay.

Not a keeper, but worth a listen if only for a couple of tracks.

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