Madison - 1986 Best In Show

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ARTIST: Madison
ALBUM: Best In Show
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Goran Edman - vocals * Anders Kalson - guitars * Mikael Myllinen - guitars * Conny Sundquist - bass * Peter Fredrickson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Oh Rendezvous * 02 Carry On * 03 Can't Take It * 04 Drama * 05 Shine * 06 Look In Your Eyes * 07 Give It Back * 08 Out Of The Bunker * 09 World Wide Man * 10 Hotel Party * 11 Mental Masturbation


Here's another Swedish outfit to strike out during the mid-eighties - Madison. Steeped in the tradition of bands ploughing the same road as Thin Lizzy, UFO and Deep Purple, Madison were doing nothing more than digging a deeper hole on the well-etched trails laid before, and since copied by other Euro bands on the same stretch of highway. Despite the band featuring the talented Goran Edman, this was considered to be still early days for the classy frontman, his halcyon days still many years away. Madison formed from the remnants of two bands: Regent and Destiny, and released their debut 'Diamond Mistress' on the small Rixi Trix label. This had all the hallmarks of Europe during their formative years. The galloping riffs, use of organ, and this continued on into their better second effort 'Best In Show', for the Sonet/RCA family.

The Songs

Again, if you read reviews from the eighties era, you'd be thinking that this was some sort of lauded long lost classic. Like most efforts from that time, it hasn't aged very well at all. Most of these songs very high-up on the cringe-ometer unfortunately. Whereas an album like 'That Makes One' from Easy Action, 'Eye To Eye' from 220 Volt or Europe's 'Out Of The World' still sound good today, the same can't be said for 'Best In Show', though it is not as insanely bad as efforts from Norden Light and Stallion. A couple of good tracks keeps the thing afloat, the rather Iron Maiden sounding 'Look In Your Eyes', the fun-time frolic of 'Mental Masturbation' and the up-tempo 'World Wide Man' - these three are good. The ballad pairing of 'Drama' and 'Shine' are soooo slow you'd be tripping up due to the laboured tempo. Elsewhere, the bands ability to maintain interest doesn't quite match their undoubted enthusiasm.

In Summary

The band didn't garner the sort of success that Europe did. To be honest, that was a fairly high hurdle to jump anyway. Edman jumped ship in 1987, though the band did continue on for a few years with a slightly different line-up. Pete Sandberg the future Alien singer came onboard for a wee while, but Madison's time in the sun had passed. Another album for the inquisitive, or for those who have a fixation with anything Swedish from the eighties.

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