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ALBUM: A Matter Of Attitude
LABEL: EMI/Capitol
SERIAL: 13 9662 1, 12570, CDP 74 6568 2 (CD)
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 2004, MTM Music, 0681-105

LINEUP: Jeff 'Lox' Limbo - vocals * Hank Sherman - guitars * Pete Steiner - bass, keyboards * Bob Lance - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Won't Stop * 02 Hard As A Rock * 03 Can't Stand Losing You * 04 Point Of No Return * 05 Hunter * 06 Summer Love * 07 Farrah * 08 Get Up And Go * 09 Limbo A Go Go * 10 Do It * 11 Hardcore Romance (Bonus) * 12 Memories Of You (Bonus)


Probably one of the best Danish albums to be released. Only problem is, it sure don't sound Danish! Fate, on this their second album, move into pure North American sounding melodic rock, in fact doing such a convincing job you'd be hard pressed to think they come from Denmark.

The debut album released the year before was a hard hitting Euro metal release, very melodic, but more in keeping with bands from that era a la Victory, Vengeance and fellow Danes Pretty Maids.

Sure there were some commercial overtones evident, but these really didn't strike home until 'A Matter Of Attitude'. A great image, superb songs, and the production is absolutely stunning.

The Songs

The opening trio of songs in 'I Won't Stop', 'Hard As A Rock', and the totally brilliant 'Can't Stand Losing You' will leave you Breathless. 'Point Of No Return' is full of bombastic keyboards and hi-octane guitar from the ex King Diamond axe king Hank Sherman.

'Hunter' sounds very much like primetime Shy, while 'Summerlove' is a glorious hooky affair with a sublime chorus. Despite the dopey name, 'Limbo A Go Go' is a classic slice of AOR, with melodic acoustic guitars prevalent through the verses.

The last track 'Do It' is an old rag time blues shuffle that only David Lee Roth could pull off. Hilarious to listen to, but great that they can pull it off this convincingly.

In Summary

Fate went on to make two other albums 'Cruisin' For A Bruisin' and 'Scratch 'n' Sniff' between 1988 and 1990 though both contained changes to the band lineup.

This album despite the relative shortness of it's 37.54 playing time is a regular attendee on the old CD player, and by all accounts is now a very hard album to track down, and has probably been bootlegged to heck. Readers of this site will already know this is a must have album. You will not be disappointed.

Footnote: The good people at MTM Music in Germany have done the decent thing and finally got this album out as part of their Classix series. Now this is a bonafide classic! Well done chaps.

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    CandymanCandyman Australia
    I confess to buying the MTM Classix release back in 2004 and hardly played the cd until the last couple of weeks. Now I can't stop playing it and appreciate it for what it is.. A great album full of high energy rock with great melodies and production. Not the first time I've bought something and let it sit around collecting dust not realising what I have until in this case years later.
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    gdazegodgdazegod Lostralia
    edited July 2020
    John, I bought my initial vinyl LP in Sydney AUST during April 1990 when I flew over from NZ to watch the Golden Slipper horse race. Canny Lad won it that year. I think I paid $4.99 for it at Utopia Records, who are still in business by the way.
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    CandymanCandyman Australia
    That is cool. Both for getting to watch the Slipper and picking up this album out of the bargain bins. I remember picking up the Spys Album for a couple of bucks not long after it was released. Did the same thing with Saga's World's Apart. Meanwhile on the flip side I paid a small fortune for a second hand copy of Cobra;s First Strike to see rock Candy reissue it not long after. And don't make me think about what i paid for a second hand copy of the Eyes album lol.
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    gdazegodgdazegod Lostralia
    Picked both SPYS up for $4 along with White Sister, Billy Satellite, Zappacosta, Luba, Helix (83 and 84 LP's), Rail and Strange Advance, all in the one purchase and all individually under $5. One of the greatest days of my record buying career, circa 1984.
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