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ARTIST: Beau Geste
ALBUM: Another Night In The City
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 1993, Magada, MGCD-2 * 1996, Unidisc, UBK-4039


LINEUP: Bryan Hughes - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards * Rick Rice - guitars * Nick Prigino - bass * John McDiarmid, Rod McManus, Dave Edmead - keyboards * Asher Fisher, Ciro Devito - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Take These Chains * 02 Catch The Fire * 03 Don't Go * 04 Running From Your Heart * 05 Still Of The Night * 06 Another Night In The City * 07 Strong Tonight * 08 Heartbreak City * 09 No More Heroes * 10 Shadow Of The Moon


From the French Canadian side of the tracks come these Mapleleaf Mayhem merchants called Beau Geste.

Essentially, this is Bryan Hughes plus hangers-on, and it's garnered a bit of a classic AOR reputation since those heady days of the 80's. And you know what? They'd be right.

This is Beau Geste's second album, their debut coming out four years earlier in 1982 and sung in French of all things! They pay homage to all things Anglais this time around so we know what they're on about.

I suppose the nearest comparison would be a guy like Aldo Nova, but the keyboards on this baby are set to a few degrees just off the 'stun' level. Killer stuff.

If you like that pompy/parpy keyboard sound a la Thrills, or a bit of melodic rock aggression not heard since Icon's 'Night Of The Crime', then Beau Geste just may do it for you, I jest you not.

Bryan's vocals lie somewhere between Carl Dixon and Jeff Cannata, so you know it's gonna be melodic.

The Songs

'Take These Chains' leads off as a mild unassuming mid-tempo track, easing us into the AOR onslaught that is 'Catch The Fire'. Woah! Check out the ivory blasts on this track.

'Don't Go' the third track in, has an intro and keyboard melody which is a near rip-off of the Thrills classic 'Running Away'.

The album highlight though is the essential AOR of 'Running From Your Heart' - surging, upbeat, and containing all the elements that makes the AOR genre great.

The title track 'Another Night In The City' has what sounds like bursts of guitar synthesizer, similar to the sound that Dan Wexler and co recreated on Icon's 'Night Of The Crime'.

'Still Of The Night' features some pompy keys and a tried and true verse/chorus structure, while Mr Aldo Nova gets a mention once again, as he co-wrote a track which sounds very much like one of his own compositions.

Usually the last track of any album is considered filler. Not so here.. 'Shadow Of The Moon' is cracking stuff. Man, why can't all bands finish off with a flurry like this, rather than a customary wimpout?

In Summary

Though the album didn't move a great deal between heaven and earth, knowledgeable AORsters will have this little beauty tucked away in the back pocket.

''Another Night In The City' was difficult enough to pick up as a slab of vinyl back in its heyday, but thankfully Canadian reissue label Magada saw fit to release the album in 1993.

If you hunt around some of the Canadian sites like Pacemaker or New World Records, it might be hiding away in the back corner.

As for Bryan Hughes? Well he went on to release another fine AOR set in 'Break The Rules', with his own Bryan Hughes Group during 1990, another worthwhile acquisition. Since then.. who knows..

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