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ARTIST: Craaft
ALBUM: Craaft (#1)
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 2003, Bad Reputation, BAD010 * 2012, Yesterrock, YRCD 201238


LINEUP: Klaus Luley - vocals, guitars, bass * Reinhard Bessser - guitars, bass, vocals * Franze Keil - keyboards, vocals * Sandy Gennaro, Jurgen Zoller - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Wanna Look In Your Eyes * 02 Breakin' Walls Ain't Easy * 03 Hold Me * 04 You're The Best Thing In My Life * 05 I Guess You Are The Number One * 06 Stranger * 07 Don't Wanna Wait No More * 08 Now That You're Gone * 09 Wasted Years * 10 Cool Town Lovers * 11 I'm A Mover


If the discography is to be believed, this German melodic rock outfit were apparently formed in 1984 by guitarist Marcus Schleicher and Krokus bassist Tommy Keiser.

Joining them soon after were Tom Schneider (drums), Franz Keil (keyboards) and Klaus Luley (vocals) who came from fellow German band Tokyo.

Though German, the band is very American sounding, not unlike fellow Teutonic wonders Roko. They come complete with clean lines, silky keyboards and crunching melodic guitar.

By the time their self titled debut was released two years later in 1986, the band had fallen away to a trio: Luley, Keil, and guitarist Reinhard Besser. Guesting on drums was drumming journeyman Sandy Gennaro (ex Blackjack, Pat Travers Band, Y&T).

Utilising the production skills of Peter Hauke (who had just completed White Lion's 'Fight To Survive' album), they set about recreating US melodic hard rock - German style!

The Songs

Spiky keyboards are a feature of the opening cut 'I Wanna Look In Your Eyes', the blistering attack continuing on 'Breakin' Walls Ain't Easy'.

Hard rock meets AOR on 'Hold Me', where the chorus is an absolute winner.

A grand majestic sounding ballad takes shape with 'You're The Best Thing In My Life', with Side One finishing off with the rather stomping hard rock affair of 'I Guess You Are the Number One'.

We get more of the same with the pomp and parp of 'Stranger'. 'Now That You're Gone' is an excellent power-ballad where Luley puts some grunt into the vocal and the solo soars way above the music.

'Wasted Years' is populated with all sorts of sound effects but overall the end result is melodic and hard.

The final track 'Cool Town Lovers' has euro-metal styled guitar riffs, though the song itself is bright, breezy and fun sounding, exactly the same as Danish heroes Fate.

In Summary

The album initially got some small press in the US, alongside the Zeno album which was doing the rounds at the time.

Of more interest to CD collectors is the fact that this album fetches significant dollars on Ebay, and is compared much more favorably than the superior (IMHO) effort of 'Second Honeymoon' which followed two years later!

The CD also contains an extra track called 'I'm A Mover', as the original vinyl (which I have) only has the ten tracks listed above.

Don't get me wrong, this is still a good album, but I much prefer 'Second Honeymoon'.. now that's a different story altogether.

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