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ARTIST: City, The
ALBUM: Foundation
LABEL: Chrysalis
SERIAL: BFV 41559 (LP), VK 41559 (CD)
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Peter McIan - keyboards, vocals * Billy Trudel - vocals * Stewart Mathis - guitars * Wade Biery - bass * Jerry Speiser - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Season Of The Heart * 02 Invisible Man * 03 Aim For The Heart * 04 Parallel Lines * 05 Planets In Motion * 06 Walk Away * 07 From This Day On * 08 Fatal Attraction * 09 When The Smoke Clears


Here is another Australian/US amalgamate within melodic rock. Joining the likes of fellow unionites Little River Band and Nelson come this outfit called The City.

Two of the leading lights behind Aussie pop sensations Men At Work, namely McIan and Speiser, hook up with a few L.A musicians to form this band.

Singer Billy Trudel was better known for session work, while Stuart Mathis and Wade Biery came from modern pop outfit Life By Night.

Overall, it's more AOR than it is pop, and for what it's worth, it's a very good album and one not seen very often.

You can't help but admire Trudel's vocal work, which could best be described as a poor mans Steve Perry, but the real General behind the scene is Peter McIan, who commands the troops like Steve Waugh does the Aussie Cricket team!

Sure, there are some references to Men At Work, but it's more in the keyboard tones used by McIan, rather than the style. The style in fact is closer to Rick Springfield era 'Taos'.

The Songs

Of the songs, there are some exceptional ones onboard. Try the opening trio of 'Seasons Of The Heart', 'Invisible Man' and the extremely hummable 'Aim For The Heart' for instance.

The AOR textbook is opened up on 'Parallel Lines' (which incidentally is a Mark Baker co-write) while the ballad 'Planets In Motion' could be a Steve Perry effort circa 'Street Talk'.

The urgency level gets increased somewhat on the bouncy 'From This Day On', while the momentum continues on the not-so-killer 'Fatal Attraction', co-written with Idle Tears bassist Erik Scott.

The album closer is the smooth ballad of 'When The Smoke Clears'.

In Summary

Definitely a CD worth getting for purveyors of mid 80's pop/rock/AOR.

These days everybody's doing different things. Trudel is singing backup with Elton John's band, though he did put out the rather underrated Public Domain album in 1998.

Speiser is back in Melbourne AUST lecturing, McIan has his own technology based company in the US while Biery and Mathis were at last report playing in smaller and lesser outfits.

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