Poison - 1986 Look What The Cat Dragged In

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ARTIST: Poison
ALBUM: Look What The Cat Dragged In
LABEL: Enigma (USA), Music For Nations (UK)
SERIAL: ST-73202, MFN 69
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 1986, Capitol, CDP 7 46735 2 * 2006, Capitol, 09463-45717-2-2 (bonus tracks, remastered)


LINEUP: Bret Michaels - Vocalizin' and Socializin' * CC Deville - Guitar Screechin' and Hair Bleachin' * Bobby Dall - Bass Rapin' and Heartbreakin' * Rikki Rocket - Sticks, Trick and Lipstick Fix

TRACK LISTING: 01 Cry Tough * 02 I Want Action * 03 I Won't Forget You * 04 Play Dirty * 05 Look What The Cat Dragged In * 06 Talk Dirty To Me * 07 Want Some Need Some * 08 Blame It On You * 09 #1 Bad Boy * 10 Let Me Go To The Show * 11 I Want Action (remix) * 12 Don't Mess Around With Jim (bonus) * 13 Rock And Roll All Nite (bonus) * 14 Hey Good Lookin' (bonus)


In the very early 80's, the release of Motley Crue's classic 'Too Fast For Love' changed lives and spawned a seemingly endless onslaught of copycat glamsters.

Poison's debut offering 'Look What The Cat Dragged In' appeared in the mid 80's to a delighted record buying public, still revved up on Hollywood and Vine street trash.

Poison's early image showed them at their trashiest, having gone completely haywire with their sisters' make-up kits and sporting hairstyles big enough to scare Angel guitarist Punky Meadows into overt masculinity.

Their image was right, the timing was right. It was obvious that Poison were going to be stars.

The Songs

'Look What The Cat Dragged In' is a cracking debut and the boys stomp their way through ten killer cuts.

Both the title track and the anthemic 'Cry Tough' are still impossible to listen to without getting a surge of 'feel good' energy (and I challenge you all not to sing along!) and the rock 'n' roll trash of 'Talk Dirty To Me' still hits the spot. Even this many years on, CC's guitar solo still sounds shamelessly bad...bless him!

And let's not forget 'I Want Action', which has lyrics which are so bad they're funny: 'Long legs and short skirts / Those girls hit me where it hurts / I can't wait to get my hands on them / Won't give up 'til they give in'. Vince Neil couldn't have said it any worse!

The black sheep of the album has to be 'I Won't Forget You', which as far as ballads go is fairly standard fare, though it undoubtedly paved the way for 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn' from the band's multi-million selling second disc, 'Open Up And Say Aaah!', which showcased a much slicker Poison altogether and would make them MTV favourites for the next few years.

In Summary

One of biggest problems with 'Look What The Cat Dragged In' is definitely the (under)production job by Ric Browde, who's no 'Mutt' Lange for sure!

Some of CC's guitars sound like they were recorded miles away, Bobby Dall's bass barely causes a rumble and Rikki Rocket's drums are tinny when measured against the monster sound of Tommy Lee's from those early Motley Crue records.

But, I guess, it's the songs which really count and the ten featured on 'LWTCDI' have stood the ravages of time. For me it's the must have Poison disc.

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