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ARTIST: Stanley, Michael (Band)
ALBUM: Inside Moves
LABEL: MSB Records
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 2003, Line Level Music, LL101


LINEUP: Michael Stanley - lead vocals, guitar * Kevin Raleigh - synths, organ, vocals * Danny Powers - lead guitar, vocals * Bob Pelander - piano, synths, vocals * Michael Gismondi - bass * Tommy Dobeck - drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 Show Me Something * 02 No Big Deal * 03 When All Is Said And Done * 04 Somebody Else's Woman * 05 Here Come The Kids * 06 Inside Moves * 07 Headlights * 08 Poor Side Of Town * 09 Bop Till Ya Drop * 10 Hard Die The Heroes (bonus) * 11 Shut Up and Leave Me Alone (bonus) * 12 Hey Angel (bonus) * 13 Rock Me Easy (bonus) * 14 Kiss It Off (bonus)


By the end of 1983, MSB had dropped off the radar of their label EMI America. Despite a brace of strong albums between 1980 and 1983, the Cleveland legends couldn't generate any decent hit singles action.

I'm doubtful EMI America knew what to do with them anyway, as their track record with other artists was pretty poor throughout the 80's.

'Inside Moves' would be MSB's final studio album from this formative period, released on their own label: MSB Records.

The Songs

The band kicks it off with the anthem-laden 'Show Me Something', then we head into the cool-as-a-cat 'No Big Deal', with keyboards and synths riding around the fringes.

Midwest piano tap-outs introduce 'When All Is Done', caught somewhere between Mellancamp and Springsteen.

'Somebody Else's Woman' is a slinky rocker with a nod to John Kilzer, it's followed by the upbeat but less interesting 'Here Come The Kids'.

Michael and Kevin duet on the title-track 'Inside Moves', a reasonable mid-paced rocker, 'Headlights' - a mostly piano based track went through one ear and out the other I'm afraid.

'Poor Side Of Town' ( a Johnny Rivers written tune) goes down the dreamy ballad pathway. It kinda sounds like a syrupy 70's pop ballad, but the band get back into the modern day for the galloping pop-rock of 'Bop Till You Drop'.

In Summary

Michael stated later on that the demise of the band wasn't anything to do with internal politics. The cost of putting a hard working band on the road essentially out of their own pocket became too much to bear.

In the late 80's, Michael moved into the music media, in particular Cleveland radio, and then in the early 90's, we saw his new collaboration with Jonah Koslen called The Ghost Poet emerge.

We also saw a spate of MSB reissues in 1992 by Razor & Tie, while the back-catalogue continued with Line Level Music reissuing all of the releases in recent years, including this one back in 2003, along with five extra tracks.

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