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ALBUM: Time Will Tell
LABEL: Exile Records
SERIAL: SPCN-7-5034-0005-6
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Kiko Campo, Cathi Demman, Cristina Stretz - lead and backing vocals * Mark Wiegand - keyboards * Hap Smith, T-Bone Demman - guitar * John Klingbiel - bass * Brian Hicks, Nelson Kole, Jeff Lams - keyboards, synthesizers * Eric Stretz - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Time Will Tell * 02 Do You? * 03 Believe * 04 Is It Any Wonder? * 05 A Memory * 06 Where Are You Now? * 07 Too Cool * 08 Pick Me Up * 09 East From West * 10 Are You Willing?


911 were a Las Vegas Christian rock/AOR band that came out of the 80's.

The band first featured on a 1982 compilation LP called 'The Komp Album IV' and were previously known as the Sunsongs Band.

911 are fronted by three siblings: Kiko Campo, and his two sisters Cathi Demman and Cristina Stretz.

If it's mostly female fronted AOR you're after (and I know there are a few GDM readers who are), then 911 should tickle your fancy.

The Songs

There are a lot of players on this LP, and you'd be thinking this might be some travelling Christian show-band in the vein of Chapter Of Acts, but the music is dead-central into secular styled pop rock.

Their best known song is the title-track 'Time Will Tell', and it sounds great here, but then so did the original Sunsongs Band version from 1982 (which you can hear on YouTube).

As you can imagine with so many keyboard players present, there are ivories all over the place, so for those of you who enjoy that aspect, settle in for the ride.

There are a handful of highlights, including the bombastic 'East From West', the soaring 'Where Are You Know', the true AOR of 'Pick Me Up' and a quite lovely melodic ballad in the form of 'Are You Willing'.

In Summary

Released on the small Exile Records (who also had other Christian bands Modern Mission and The Imitators on their books), 'Time Will Tell' never made it to an official CD.

That's a shame as this is one of the better quality Christian releases from the mid 80's. Track it down.

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