Roma - 1986 The Stalker (EP)

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ALBUM: The Stalker [4 track ep]
LABEL: Paramount
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Jimy - vocals, keyboards, guitars * Tres Hefner - bass, backing vocals * Ron Pucillo - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Promises * 02 Fantasy * 03 Don't Say Goodnight * 04 Falling Star


A one-off EP from Los Angeles based Roma did the rounds in 1986, but wasn't picked up until years later.

Released on the small Paramount Records label, the trio meld AOR, pomp and hard rock, and come across as quite stylish on this four track effort called 'The Stalker'.

The main guy here is the lead singer, keyboardist and guitarist Jimy, who brings this trio into the same crosshairs as Alpha and maybe a hint of Zebra, though the four songs on offer are very diverse.

The Songs

Probably the pick of the quartet would be the first two songs. 'Promises' is a pompous arrangement, with hard rock asspirations.

The next 'Fantasy' is a surprisingly symphonic affair, with big sweeping orchestral strings. It's at the lighter end of the scale, with piano to the fore. Think mid 1970's fare and a raft of bands who occupy the pages of GDM for comparison.

'Don't Say Goodnight' is another hard rocker with acoustic guitar poking its nose out mid-song. This one sounds better turned up loud.

'Falling Star' didn't do much for me, a musical lolly scramble and quite poppy when matched against the other three songs.

In Summary

A curiosity at best, and if you look hard enough, you'll find this EP on a fileshare board without too much difficulty.

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