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ARTIST: Money, Eddie
ALBUM: Can't Hold Back
SERIAL: FC 40096 (LP), CK 40096 (CD)
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 2013, Music On CD (Europe), MOCCD13082 * 2015, Rock Candy Records (UK), CANDY252


LINEUP: Eddie Money - lead vocals, keyboards, synthesizer arrangements on 'One Love' * Richie Zito - guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, synthesizer arrangements on 'One Love' * Duncan Rowe - guitar arrangements on 'One Love' * John Nelson - guitars * Arthur Barrow - keyboards, bass * Randy Jackson, Greg Lowry, Nathan East - bass * Steve George - Keyboards, vocal backing * Gary Chang - synthesizers, synthesizer arrangements on 'One Love' and 'I Can't Hold Back' * Paul Hanson, Danny Hull - saxophone * Mike Baird - drums, percussion, drum overdubs on 'Stranger In A Strange Land' * Pat Mastelotto - drum programming * Ronnie Spector, Henry Small - additional vocals * Marilyn Martin - vocal backing on 'I Wanna Go Back'

TRACK LISTING: 01 Take Me Home Tonight * 02 One Love * 03 I Wanna Go Back * 04 Endless Nights * 05 One Chance * 06 We Should Be Sleeping * 07 Bring On The Rain * 08 I Can't Hold Back * 09 Stranger In A Strange Land * 10 Calm Before The Storm


1986's 'Can't Hold Back' was a (sort of) comeback album for the 'Money-Man' - Eddie Money.

Despite a string of consistent releases during the early 80's (1980 'Playin' For Keeps', 1982 'No Control' and 1983 'Where's The Party'), Eddie went undercover between 1983 and 1985.

Much was made of his drug addiction during this timeframe, and despite those releases getting him into the living rooms of American households via MTV, they weren't as successful as his two 1970's LP's.

His career looked like it was heading into freefall. Suffice to say, this did not happen.

Columbia Records continued to back Money, and they were justified with the success of this album, which went gold pretty quickly, and easily made the top 10 charts, and two top 20 singles.

The Songs

'Take Me Home Tonight' was the big hit single off the album, getting to a high chart position of #4. The song featured Ronnie Spector (former wife of producer Phil Spector.

The interesting thing here is the vocal mash-up provided by Ronnie utilising her chorus of The Ronettes 60's classic 'Be My Baby'. Great song.

'One Love' is a very hi-tech affair, lots of percussion, synths and the obligatory sax solo.

Track three will be familiar to Billy Satellite fans. 'I Wanna Go Back' was also a reasonable hit for Eddie, reaching #14 in the Billboard charts. The arrangement is quite different to the original, but good to hear it in a different context nonetheless.

'One Chance' is a track written by Stan Meissner, which also appeared elsewhere in 1986, namely on Stan's 'Window To Light' album.

'We Should Be Sleeping' is a cranky rocker which sounds like it nicked a few ideas from Robert Palmer and his 80's band Power Station.

'I Can't Hold Back' is another AOR-ish tune, followed by 'Stranger In A Strange Land', co-written with former Small Wonder and Prism alumni Henry Small.

In Summary

Overall, a very good comeback by Money, which placed him back in the greater consciousness of the American muic buying public.

1988 would also yield results, with his 'Nothing To Lose' album, and another top 10 hit with 'Walk On Water'.

In later years, 'Can't Hold Back' would make it into reissue territory, with Rock Candy Records reissuing all his albums from 1978 through to this one. All worth getting.

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