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ARTIST: Easy Action
ALBUM: That Makes One
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 1992, WEA (Germany), 4509 90046-2


LINEUP: Tommy Nilsson - vocals * Kee Marcello - guitars, keyboards * Chris Lind - guitars, keyboards * Freddie Von Gerber - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Talk Of The Town * 02 Teachers Do It With Class * 03 Code To Your Heart * 04 Only Love * 05 One In A Million * 06 Talk Talk Talk * 07 Partners In Crime * 08 Love Reaction * 09 Rosie * 10 In The Middle Of Nowhere


Ooh yeah! This is one cool album, and you look at the guys on the cover and you know this is gonna be a classy affair.

Easy Action, for those with good memories released a forgettable glam flavoured album back in 1984 which went in one ear and out the proverbial a***.

However on this one, they've done the unthinkable and taken up occupation in the land of prime time hi-tech AOR, with matching images and threads to boot!

The Songs

In hindsight, the lineup is a pretty respectable one at that, and well known in Swedish circles, Marcello of course went on to fame and fortune with Europe post the John Norum period.

The music is a solid workout of Journey ('Raised On Radio period), and Mr Mister. There are other influences in there too, but if you listen to tracks like 'Code To Your Heart' and 'One In A Million' you'll see where I'm coming from.

The bombast is no more evident on tracks like 'Talk Talk Talk', 'Partners In Crime' and 'Rosie', with Marcello pulling off some spectacular solos throughout.

The two standout tracks are the slower ones: 'Only Love' and the finale, the epic 'In The Middle Of Nowhere'.

The keyboard work is rather juicy and the hooks memorable. Danish vocal queen Sanne also puts in an appearance on the crass 'Teachers Do It With Class'. The lyrics here are hilarious!

In Summary

Unfortunately for Easy Action, they were not able to keep the momentum going, as Marcello left not long after to join Europe while Von Gerber went on to the Bam Bam Boys and Nilsson went solo.

However, Marcello did hook up with Von Gerber in 1993 to form the melodic rock/blues oriented band called Red Fun.

As time went by, the EA boys decided on a reunion in 2007, and had planned to perform at June 2008's Sweden Rock Festival. Would be interesting to see if a new album results.

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