Eight Seconds - 1986 Almacantar

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ARTIST: Eight Seconds
ALBUM: Almacantar
LABEL: Polygram
SERIAL: 831 119-1 (LP), 831 119-2 (CD)
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Andres Del Castillo - vocals, guitars * Marc Parent - guitars * March Cesare - bass * Frank Levin - keyboards * Scott Milks - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Sincere * 02 Kiss You (When It's Dangerous) * 03 Call And A Cry * 04 Just Pretend * 05 Commissioner Street * 06 Where's Bula * 07 Zoe * 08 Wings * 09 Listen * 10 Land Of The Monster


For years I had been trying to find written material about this band with no success. In the end, I decided to write something about them via this website.

From Canada (Ottawa is my guess), Eight Seconds can best be described as one of the ultimate hi-tech AOR bands there was.

With Rupert Hine at the production helm of this their second album 'Almacantar', their sound is a mixture of Saga like keyboard wizardry, and Duran Duran like melodic infused commercial rock.

A strange brew I hear you say? Not until you listen to it do these comparisons bear witness. And it's really good too!

Perhaps only one other band operates in the same territory though not as good, and they were fellow Canadians Platinum Blonde.

One other similarity is the new romantic look and dress code, though I gotta say Platinum Blonde win that contest hands down.

The Songs

For me the star of the show is keyboardist Frank Levin. His orchestration and arrangements are fantastic.

Listen to the OTT keyboard work on opener 'Sincere' as an example.

'Kiss You (When It's Dangerous)' highlights Del Castillo's vocal style, very much a mix between Simon Le Bon and Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley.

The Saga comparison is oh so obvious on 'Call And A Cry' you could see this turning up on their 'Heads Or Tales' album!

Another great upbeat track is 'Where's Bula' where the chorus is outrageously good.

'Zoe' has some new romantic leanings but by and large it's hard to avoid the Saga comparisons all the way through this album let alone this song. Fine by me!

Then there's the high steppin' staccato attack of 'Listen', the mellowness of 'Commissioner St' and the bombast of 'Land Of The Monster'.

In Summary

An acquired taste for some, but if you listen to this album on a high quality audio system it will literally spring to life. It surely did for me.

Worth tracking down if you can. Check out the review of Eight Seconds third album 'Big Houses' (1990) elsewhere on this site. Refer tags below.

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