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ARTIST: Meissner, Stan
ALBUM: Window To Light
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 1995, Long Island Records (Germany), LIRC 00019


LINEUP: Stan Meissner - vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums * Peter Cardinali - bass * Mike Sloski - drums * Kevan McKenzie - drums * Rob Yale - Fairlight programming

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Want Everything * 02 One Chance * 03 Heart Of Ice * 04 Wild And Blue * 05 I Can't Break Away From You * 06 Lifeline * 07 I'll Wait For You * 08 Coming Out Of Nowhere * 09 Walk The Line * 10 Endless Ride * 11 Counting On Love * 12 Hold Me


I suppose this site wouldn't be complete without mention of Stan Meissner's efforts and contribution to the melodic rock scene. Be like having the ice-cream without the cone, or vice versa.

Stan is one of Canada's leading lights and a dedicated musician, producer and songwriter who has always put out quality product in whatever role he performs in.

As a solo musician, Stan has produced three albums, and all should be compulsory items in your collection. That, there is no doubt.

'Dangerous Games' came out in 1984, 'Window To Light' two years later, as well as 'Undertow' in 1992.

In between years Stan has written many songs and has kept busy. This album being reviewed 'Window To Light' is a closet classic, and features Stan's trademark sound, which is fantastic commercial and polished melodic rock, with more hooks than a fisherman's fly kit.

The Songs

The sound is somewhere between the commercialism of Bryan Adams and the punchiness of Stan Bush for example.

Meissner has tended to work with colleagues such as Fred Mollin and the assembled songs are smooth, with some of the strongest choruses heard for many a long while.

In fact, Meissner's choruses are one of his best attributes. They are so good. Take a listen to 'Heart Of Ice', 'I Want Everything' and the delicious 'I'll Wait For You', one of my all time favourite Meissner songs.

'Coming Out Of Nowhere' is a sensational slice of AOR, harking back to Stan Bush, as does 'Lifeline', while 'Counting On Love' is another hard rocker which has passages similar to fellow Canadians Sheriff.

The original version of 'Wild And Blue' (featured on the Metropolis album 'The Power Of The Night') is here, and Peter Fredette is on this one too.

Stan's ballads are pretty amazing too, as represented by tracks such as 'Hold Me', 'Endless Mile' and the heartfelt 'I Can't Break Away From You'.

In Summary

Incredible stuff really. And fortunately for CD buffs this album got the royal treatment from the now defunct Long Island Records, with a re-release and incredible packaging during 1994.

So for those who have it, good on ya. For those who don't, well, keep trying.

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