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ARTIST: Ladder, The
ALBUM: The Ladder
SERIAL: 90540-1
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 2009, Wounded Bird, WOU 954


LINEUP: Frank Mancano - vocals * Tim Jordan - guitars * Doug Grimsby - bass * Joe Parente - keyboards * Joe Franco - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Daydreams At Night * 02 Double Shot Of Love * 03 Time Soldier * 04 Don't Turn Me Away * 05 Breakdown * 06 Standin' * 07 Women Have Secrets * 08 Lie To Me * 09 Lover * 10 Dancing In The Dark


Along with Aviator, another great rocking band from New York which surfaced in 1986 were The Ladder.

Classy, and laced with a heavier than usual dose of melodic rock among the predominant AOR grooves this band generates.

This their debut, is also unfortunately their last, and it has become a collectors item ever since. One listen and you can make an assumption why.

Light and fluffy it isn't. It's weighed down by a superb production job, where the keyboards compete for room with the guitars.

The effect? Some heavy atmospherics laying over the sugary melodies and the booming rhythm section, of which Joe Franco (the ex Good Rats drummer) stands out.

The Songs

Some of the songs are so memorable. 'Time Soldier', the epic 'Double Shot Of Love', and the heavy backbeat of 'Breakdown' all stand out.

But then again so do efforts such as 'Don't Turn Me Away' (sounding like a Wrabit ballad!!) and the dubiously titled 'Women Have Secrets'.

A good example of their unique sound is best represented by the track 'Standin', a great snapshot of melodic rock circa 1986, full of pounding drums, parping keyboards and big production.

In Summary

Typically, the best albums just simply went nowhere. The Ladder were no exception. Not even up.

As a consequence, the album was confined to the annals of melodic rock history, albeit, a very high ranking place it does occupy.

They also had some unreleased demo's (five that I know of, which I have on tape. These are: 'Take Love On The Run', 'Inherit The Wind', 'The Star', 'Heart Of Darkness', and 'City Of Women').

These came out a few years later, and at some stage, we might feature them on our Online Jukebox!

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