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ARTIST: Bourgeois Tagg
ALBUM: Bourgeois Tagg
LABEL: Island/Polystar
SERIAL: 90496-1
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 1986, Island/Polystar (Japan), P35D-20024


LINEUP: Brent Bourgeois - vocals, keyboards * Larry Tagg - vocals, bass * Lyle Workman - guitars * Scott Moon - keyboards * Mike Urbano - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Changed * 02 The Perfect Life * 03 Heart Of Darkness * 04 Body Count * 05 Dying To Be Free * 06 Mutual Surrender (What A Wonderful World) * 07 The Move Up * 08 Electric Train * 09 Let The War Begin


Very talented outfit this one, moving in the same territory as that other band of the same era Mr Mister.

Similarities abound throughout the band, with Messrs Bourgeois and Tagg doing the singing, and following in the footsteps of Steve George and Richard Page as both the principle keyboard player and bassist.

On top of that we have a lead guitarist in Lyle Workman who can swing in the same breath as Lukather and Graydon and a hi tech rhythm section the guys in Toto would be proud of.

The songs are a breathy mix of hi-tech rock, added in with some West Coast flavoured stylings, giving it an edge in the production stakes.

The change up in singers gives BT a contrasting and alternating style to their songs, depending on who's singing.

Apart from Mr Mister, there are other comparisons to bands like The City and Life By Night, who were also also plying a similar trade during the same timeframe.

The Songs

Admittedly, the album never reaches warp speed nor generates a great deal of superlative guitar runs.

It is more of a musical expression, being quite structurally clever, quirky, and interesting.

Of the tracks which are my favourites, you can add 'The Perfect Life' (isn't that sparse solo like Lukather?), as well as 'Heart Of Darkness' and 'Mutual Surrender'.

In Summary

Bourgeois Tagg released this and their excellent 'Yo Yo' album the following year.

Both albums are reasonably easy to obtain, and are a must have if you are into hi-tech AOR.

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