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ARTIST: White Tiger
ALBUM: Year Of The Tiger
LABEL: EMC International
SERIAL: E.M.C.3653
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 1999, EMC, E.M.C.3653


LINEUP: David Donato - vocals * Mark St John - guitars * Michael Norton - bass * Brian James Fox - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Rock Warriors * 02 Love/Hate * 03 Bad Time Coming * 04 Runaway * 05 Still Standing Strong * 06 Live To Rock * 07 Northern Wind * 08 Stand And Deliver * 09 White Hot Desire


Some familiar faces here - playing an 80's mainstream brand of rock. Not particularly inventive or innovative, but no worse than their peers of that same era.

It's good in many places, don't get me wrong, but hearing this again after 15 years or so, didn't bring back any nostalgia pangs I'm afraid.

Despite that however, the lineup is pretty special and they sure look the part.

It features the shortlived Black Sabbath singer Dave Donato, one time Kiss axeman Mark St John, and future Silent Rage drummer Brian James Fox.

The Songs

Only a couple of songs do it for me on this platter. The excellent 'Live To Rock' is the example which should have been set for the entire album.

'White Hot Desire' is good too, sounding like a cross between Ozz and King Kobra. Overall though, the music is not gonna move mountains for me.

Perhaps Donato's shrill vocals and the selection of 'standard fare' 80's metal on offer here - puts me off.

In Summary

Gotta say, the production overall is godawful! Sounds like it was recorded in an echo chamber!

Interestingly, the album has seen a re-issue in 1999 on the EMC Records label.

One additional track has been included, and that is a Michael Wagener remix of 'Rock Warriors' (the production on this one is far superior to anything else on the album).

Funnily enough, it was put at the beginning of the album. The original put at the end. Why is that I wonder?

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