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ARTIST: Idle Cure
ALBUM: Idle Cure
LABEL: Frontline Records
SERIAL: RO9908 (LP), CD9008 (CD)
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Steve Shannon - vocals, bass * Chuck King - guitars * Mark Ambrose - guitars, keyboards, vocals * Pete Lomakin - keyboards, vocals

Additional Musicians: Tim Browne, Mike Hamilton, Bob Somma, Terence Elliot - guitars * Marc Hugenberger, Tim Heintz, Bill Baumgart - keyboards * Dave Spurr - drums * Eric Marienthal - sax

TRACK LISTING: 01 Breakaway * 02 Silent Hope * 03 Take It * 04 Feeling The Heat * 05 Come Back To Me * 06 Overdrive * 07 From The Heart * 08 Come Alive


Idle Cure remain one of the top-tier Christian acts to have appeared during the 80's/90's.

Originating from Long Beach California, these guys have perfected the quintessential sound of melodic rock and AOR, combining many influences from their secular cousins on bigger labels.

A hallmark of their albums is the top-notch production by Bill Baumgart (Liaison, Chase), featuring OTT keyboard runs and solos, and blazing guitar work. For a reference point, try the first two Allies albums.

For this debut album, there are a combination of players listed above who play on what is a relatively short album, but what a quality album it is!

The Songs

Lead singer Steve Shannon has obviously taken a leaf out of Bob Carlisle's vocal dictionary and is strong all the way through. The arrangements are all class.

One listen to the gorgeous 'Take It', will stamp it as of the best Christian ballads around. Similar to the Legend track 'Carry Me' from their 1992 album.

Then there's 'Overdrive'. Aptly named, the keyboard solos are fantastic, then the guitars kick in to cement it into the 'killer' bracket. A stunning track.

Not to be outdone, are equally ear-friendly tracks such as 'Silent Hope', and the riff happy affairs that are 'Come Alive' and 'Breakaway'.

I haven't even mentioned 'Feeling The Heat' which features well known sax player Eric Marienthal blasting his magic, nor the Tall Stories flavoured AOR of 'Come Back To Me'.

In Summary

The band became one of the figureheads for the now defunct Frontline Records label, which produced so many top Christian artists during their heyday.

In fact, guitarist Chuck King skived off to join Ken Tamplin's Shout, also on the same label.

Idle Cure are a band well worth investing in. This debut album is perhaps the hardest of their albums to track down. The others '2nd Avenue', 'Tough Love' and 'Inside Out' perhaps less so. Go to it.

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