Jett Black - 1986 Nightflight

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ARTIST: Jett Black
ALBUM: Nightflight
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Joe Atkins - vocals, guitars * Mark Atkins - guitars * Gary Atkins - drums * John Rhyman - keyboards * Jeff Jones - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Night Flight * 02 Hold On * 03 Bad News * 04 Don't Knock The Kids * 05 Stranger (In You) * 06 Big City Lights * 07 Chase The Dream * 08 Don't Walk Away * 09 Make Your Move * 10 Breaking Away


Thanks to the editor of Glory Daze I found myself with a copy of this one off and fairly unknown effort from Toronto's Jett Black.

Led by a trio of brothers - second only in the brotherly camp to Couchois perhaps? (I was gonna mention The Bee Gees Alun.. but we won't go there.. lol! Ed)

This is actually an above average set of AOR which is a lot more listenable than much of the poor high tech AOR that seemed to be infiltrating the scene in 1986.

On the album credits bassist Jeff Jones is listed as a 'guest performer' and after some research I found original bass player Mike Greger left before the album was completed, although he did appear on a pre-production cassette of the album called 'Night Visions'.

A video was shot for the album, although what track it is is not specified, but allegedly it received some airplay and from what I hear - deservedly so.

The Songs

Jett Black play a straight forward blend of keyboard dominated AOR combined with something that always appeals, melodic guitar work, which is splashed around every track.

Jett Black take their cues from most of the top acts of the day, and the title track throws down a stellar chorus right from the go.

'Stranger (In You)' is a worthy Wrabit clone, just check out those backing vocals for example.

Upping the peed is 'Bad News', with some delicious keyboard bursts breaking through, making up for a disappointing hook.

'Chase The Dream' is Journey reincarnated circa 'Separate Ways' and the upbeat punch of 'Don't Walk Away' adds some vocal lines that recall The Outfield, albeit briefly.

'Make Your Move' does just that, highly commercial and this isn't far off what Alaska were playing in 1986 either.

The best is saved for last, in the form of 'Breaking Away', one of those soaring anthems that Survivor excelled at lyrically although this again is close to Alaska, think 'Running With The Pack', but the victorious guitar solo is The Tubes all the way.

Here the interplay between all concerned reaches a wicked peak, the synthesizer stabs blatant and the guitar solo sure to have fists raised in the air.

In Summary

Delightful and another reminder of what a great era those years were, with so many special one off albums coming and going without notice, something we could only wish for now.

Somehow in 2007 I doubt whether anyone will be raving about an obscure AOR release from 2007 that they found in a dusty bin - the way enthusiasts still do today about bands like Jett Black from twenty years prior.

The band themselves toured with Moxy following 'Night Flight's release, but it must have been curtains for them soon after.

They did themselves proud regardless and this is another album worth owning.. I know, there must be thousands still to go!

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