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ARTIST: Cutting Crew
ALBUM: Broadcast
LABEL: Virgin
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: Reissue List..


LINEUP: Nick Van Eede - vocals, guitars, keyboards * Kevin Scott MacMichael - guitars, keyboards, vocals * Colin Farley - bass, piano, vocals * Martin Beadle - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Any Colour * 02 One For The Mocking Bird * 03 I've Been In Love Before * 04 Life In A Dangerous Time * 05 Fear Of Falling * 06 (I Just Died) In Your Arms * 07 Don't Look Back * 08 Sahara * 09 It Shouldn't Take Too Long * 10 The Broadcast


I saw a good description of this band on the Net somewhere.. 'three Englishman, a Canadian, and one of the notorious pop anthems of all time!' Couldn't have said it better myself.

We wind the clock back to 1985, Van Eede and MacMichael (a transplanted Canadian living in the UK) put together a bunch of demos that secured them a contract with Richard Branson's Virgin label.

And so 1986 rolled in and Cutting Crew became a hit in the USA by years end and into 1987, with their hit single 'I Just Died In Your Arms' - which went No#1 just about everywhere.

But was 'Broadcast' a one-hit wonder? Certainly not.

The Songs

Yes, the aforementioned 'I Just Died In Your Arms' went to No#1 in the USA and No#4 in the UK during 1987, but the band had success with other tracks too.

'I've Been In Love Before' went to No#9 while 'One For The Mockingbird' made it into the Top 40.

The latter track was a harder-hitting affair, somewhat akin to Simple Minds and the under-appreciated UK melodic rockers The Fountainhead.

Taking no offence from all the songs that followed on, opener 'Any Colour' is still one of my favourites, as is the AOR-tastic 'It Shouldn't Take Too Long'.

The pairing of 'Sahara' and 'The Broadcast' meander too much for my liking, as the British are prone to do with their music on occasion.

On other songs they take on a Marillion like style, albeit a super-commercial flavour thereof.

In Summary

It wasn't until 1989 that Cutting Crew released their second album. Surely a critical business mistake, because by then the world had forgotten about them, and their career just passed them by.

Not that 'The Scattering' was any good, but their five minutes in the sun was up, and someone else was now standing on the pedestal.

They ventured into the 90's with 'Compus Mentus' being their third release in 1992. However, the band succumbed to industry invisibility and broke up in 1993.

None of the band members did much in the intervening years. MacMichael passed away in 2002 of lung cancer.

Van Eede reformed Cutting Crew in 2005, and he released a new album 'Grinning Souls' in 2006 with a completely new line-up.


Cutting Crew - I Just Died In Your Arms

Cutting Crew - I've Been In Love Before

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