LeBow, Martee - 1986 Crimes Of The Heart (Mini LP)

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ARTIST: Lebow, Martee
ALBUM: Crimes Of The Heart (EP)
LABEL: Atlantic
SERIAL: 81624-1-Y
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Martee Lewbow - vocals * Dann Huff - guitars * Robbie Buchanan - keyboards * Neil Stubenhaus - bass * Mike Baird - drums * Tommy Funderburk, Steve Lively - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Crimes Of The Heart * 02 Stranded In The Moonlight * 03 Love Just Ain't Enough * 04 One More * 05 Hearts Of Stone


If you like melodic rock in the mould of Fiona and Celine Dion circa her 'Unison' album, then American singer Martee Lebow might be the sort of artist to follow up on.

'Crimes Of The Heart' is only a mini-album, but it features possibly the best studio line-up that 1986 could possibly offer.

Lebow, from New York, was first sighted back in the late 70's with an album called 'The Lady Wants To Be A Star'. She was also an active songwriter, having penned work for jingles and movie soundtracks.

Just what prompted her to head down AOR Boulevard by the mid 80's is a mystery - but at least she left a nice little imprint of her talent with this effort.

The Songs

This mini-album definitely has that feel of quality about it - not surprising with this big-budget line-up.

The title track 'Crimes Of The Heart' features an intense vocal plus a chant-a-long chorus.

'Stranded In The Moonlight' is gonna appeal to all AORsters with its overblown arrangement.

She follows it up with an exquisite ballad 'Love Just Ain't Enough' - combining typical tear-jerker elements - the killer spot on the song is the OTT solo provided by Dann Huff.

Continuing the AOR run is the excellent 'One Down' - complete with a magical combination of keys, guitars and melodic vocals.

'Hearts Of Stone' is a cover of a Bruce Springsteen track, but you'd never think it listening to this version, another melodic overload from Ms Lebow.

In Summary

This excellent five-tracker would be followed by a full-blown album the following year: called 'Love's A Liar' - though it featured a different band line-up than those assembled here.

In typical 'here I am - there I go' fashion, not a lot was seen or heard of Ms Lebow in the public spotlight.

However she still continues to write a bucket load of songs as can be seen by her contributions on many artist's albums since those heydays of the 80's, and it appears she divides her time between New York and Nashville - both songwriting mecca's.

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