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ARTIST: Crimson Glory
ALBUM: Crimson Glory
LABEL: Roadrunner
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: Reissue List..


LINEUP: Midnight - vocals * Ben Jackson - guitars * Jon Drenning - guitars * Jeff Lords - bass * Dana Burnell - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Valhalla * 02 Dragon Lady * 03 Heart Of Steel * 04 Azrael * 05 Mayday * 06 Queen Of The Masquerade * 07 Angels Of War * 08 Lost Reflection


Here's an interesting outfit, originating out of Sarasota County, Florida. Their origins go way back to 1982, though they started life under the moniker Beowulf.

A classy band who took four years to come to fruition, with their debut album seeing a release in 1986.

During that period however, they took time to refine their sound, incorporating the likes of Queensryche, Fifth Angel, Virgin Steele and fellow Floridians Savatage into their musical make-up.

Talking of make-up, the band used masks to disguise themselves, both for their publicity shoots and playing live. Though they did refine the mask to something more compact, as the original design proved problematic when playing live.

Without doubt, the band's defining aspect was the high-pitched vocals of their lead singer Midnight, who was heavily influenced by Queensryche's Geoff Tate it would seem.

The 'Crimson Glory' LP contained eight tracks, and was originally released by Par Records, but was eventually licensed to a worldwide distribution deal with Roadrunner Records.

The Songs

Though the lyrics and song-titles are sourced from the Dungeons and Dragons songbook compendium, the music is all hard-rock based, and for 1986 this was pretty good stuff.

Straight from the opening blaze of 'Valhalla', Crimson Glory lay their cards on the table with nothing to lose. A great opener!

One of the album's best tracks is the wicked 'Dragon Lady'. By now, if you haven't cottoned onto Midnight's Geoff Tate similarity then you obviously have the wrong record on the turntable!

Next track 'Heart Of Steel' starts out as a semi-ballad but turns into a fully-fledged rocker, with twin guitars sharing equal billing and one half of your stereo mix.

The doom-laden intro to 'Azrael' makes way for a Fifth Angel styled romp where Midnight manages to convince with his Ronnie James Dio meets Geoff Tate vocalisms.

The speed-demon approach to 'Mayday' is killer stuff! The rampant rhythm section sends this one out to edge of the thrash perimeter, but it's far too melodic to be considered as such.

There are more HM treasures to be found on 'Queen Of The Masquerade', the dual guitar attack invoking memories of Fifth Angel yet again, with a bit of Malice thrown in for good measure.

The heavily themed battle of good and evil rears its head on 'Angels Of War'. Once more, all the bands mentioned previously become reference points yet again. With songs like these, they usually have a ton of atmosphere to it. This one doesn't, it's just slick hard rock with a hyper-heliumed vocalist!

Finishing up with 'Lost Reflection', mostly this an acoustic ballad in the Queensryche mould, though it does spark and crackle for about a minute or so, before normal transmission is resumed.

In Summary

The band would go to bigger and better things with their 1988 follow-up album 'Transcendence', though there would be personnel changes at the conclusion of that album's support tour, with Ben Jackson and Dana Burnell leaving the fold.

Finding a consistent line-up for the band would prove to be their undoing for the rest of the band's playing days, with past members reuniting then leaving again before any traction had been made.

Roadrunner re-released this album in 2001 on CD, while the band are currently in hiatus again after the entire original line-up reformed but subsequently folded due to musical differences.

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