Sneaux - 1986 Rock Me All Night

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ARTIST: Sneaux
ALBUM: Rock Me All Night
LABEL: Runaway Records
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Harland Williams, Jimmy Chiek, Randy Knapps, Carl Michaels - vocals * Peter Richardson, Freddy Wall - guitars * Harland Williams, George Bitzer - keyboards * Mike Crowder, Harold Cowart - bass * Ted Bacot - drums * Steve Munsell - sax

TRACK LISTING: 01 Red Hot Love * 02 Joanna * 03 Rock Me All Night * 04 All Coming Back To You * 05 I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight * 06 Don't Keep Me Hanging On * 07 Now We Get The Fire Bruning * 08 Love Ain't No One Way Street * 09 What Are You Gonna Do * 10 Take Me


This outfit come from Louisiana, and judging by the cover of their one and only album, they surely look the part of a rock band - don't they?

Released on a private label Runaway, this band were very much a 'best kept secret' out of the Louisiana area. And while bands like Zebra and Le Roux took all the plaudits, other bands like Sneaux and Shreveport based Twenty Twenty became record collectors priorities.

Their status as 'collectibles' preceding their reputation. Talking of Twenty Twenty, if any of you are familiar with the work of those Christian pompsters, then Sneaux are not a million miles away from their sound, the only difference perhaps is that Sneaux are slightly more commercial.

Some of these songs had been in the works before their eventual release. In fact the title track 'Rock Me All Night' appeared on the 1985 soundtrack for the low budget horror flick 'Neon Maniacs'.

However as an album of music, AORsters and pomp rock fans should delight in this veritable feast of melody, with no sign whatsoever of Cajun influence in the mix!

If there is one uncertain element to their sound it is not knowing who sings on what song. With four vocalists in the credits, it would be great to know who does the honours on each tune.

The Songs

Some of these songs are really enjoyable. No.. correction. the whole album is a treasure trove of AOR.

Starting out with the AOR jewel 'Red Hot Lover', this really does sound like a Twenty Twenty track.

Moving on to 'Joanna', this is powerful surging stuff. Not unlike a Hurricane Katrina storm surge of a musical variety, though I doubt Louisiana residents will see the humour.

The title track 'Rock Me All Night' contains a rather cool chorus, but the rest of the song passes by ignominiously.

Things improve with the track 'All Coming Back On You', which is full of cranky guitar and equal levels of attitude, while 'I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight' is a delicious late night ballad, a metro cafe laden tune that the Espresso lovers will enjoy.

'Don't Keep Me Hanging On' is brimming with a Nashville type sound, the acoustic guitar giving it a CCM feel a la Restless Heart or Frazier River.

'Now We Get The Fire Burning' is the sort of AOR that we all crave is gonna make a comeback one day. A terrific track for sure. The chorus has 'killer' written all over it with equal amounts of stirring guitars and sultry saxophones toward the end.

'Love Ain't No One Way Street' is fantastic AOR, the keyboard-tastic sound somewhere between Planet 3 and Twenty Twenty, while the svelte West Coast tidings of 'What Are You Gonna Do' invoke the best that bands like Airplay and Maxus can supply.

The final flurries heard on 'Take Me' is energetic party-bound fluff. You can see this one being blasted out on stage with ease, such is the comparison.

In Summary

Unfortunately Sneaux disappeared as soon as they appeared, which is usually the way. The band and the album acquiring a status that collectors found hard to ignore.

Worth a listen indeed! I am trying to find out a bit more about these guys, so there might be more to follow, check back soon.

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