Rose Tattoo - 1986 Beats From A Single Drum

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ARTIST: Rose Tattoo
ALBUM: Beats From A Single Drum
LABEL: Mushroom Australia
SERIAL: RML 53217 (LP), CD 53217 (CD)
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Angry Anderson - vocals * Tim Gaze - guitars * Andy Cichon - bass * Scott Johnston - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Calling * 02 Frightened Kid * 03 Suddenly * 04 Runaway * 05 Winnie Mandela * 06 Get It Right * 07 Say Goodbye * 08 Falling * 09 Clear And Simple * 10 Michael O'Reilly


One of the great rock bands to emerge from Australia. And a tribute and testimony that Angry Anderson still has the band firing on all sixes in 2007.

However, when this album was released, the line-up and stability of the band was not from their vintage period. Most of the recognised members had departed beforehand.

Mick Cocks, Pete Wells, Digger Royal and Geordie Leach had all gone off to do their own thing after successful tours to Europe, UK, and the USA.

By 1984 'Southern Stars' the band had mellowed appreciably. Their hard rockin' booze and blues style offset by more commercial leanings. Whether that was a reason for the departure of the aforementioned members would only be a guess.

1985 saw Angry Anderson turn his hand to acting, appearing in 'Mad Max III - Beyond Thunderdome' as Ironbar Bassey.

During this stage, The Tatts had left their long-time label Albert Productions, and moved over to the Mushroom Records stable. No doubt they had a say in the way 'Beats From A Single Drum' would turn out.

A very commercial and melodic rock sounding album. I love it, but in saying that, it is not the traditional fare of Rose Tattoo, and many would've been left aghast at the change of sound!

The Songs

Initially, 'Beats From A Single Drum' was going to be the debut solo Angry Anderson album, but they were still contractually obliged to complete another studio album to sign off their obligations.

The solo album never arrived until a few years later.

Without doubt, the most remembered song here is the ballad 'Suddenly' which featured as the song on the Aussie soap 'Neighbours' - and the wedding for Scott and Charlene (i.e. Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue).

Despite that little infraction, this album is complete with some of the best melodic rock heard this side of Avion and Roxus.

Check out the superb tunes 'Calling', 'Say Goodbye', the big sounding 'Falling' and equally dramatic 'Frightened Kid'.

The band are known for their political leanings, and with offerings such as 'Winnie Mandela' and 'Michael O Reilly', the band continue the tradition.

In Summary

The band were into hiatus for a few years following this album. Anderson finally made good on his solo album promise released in 1990, and was in the vein of this album.

But it wasn't until the success of Guns N Roses that The Tatts were reunited back to their classic lineup, to accompany GNR on their 1993 Australian tour.

Since then, Rose Tattoo have continued on and have a huge following in Europe, where they are now signed to German label SPV/Steamhammer, and continue to tear it up on the European summer circuit.

A success story for classic rock longevity.

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