C.C.C.P - 1986 Let's Spend The Night Together

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ALBUM: Let's Spend The Night Together
LABEL: Plateselskape
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 2008, Devegel Records (UK), DEVGEL3CD


LINEUP: Claudia Scott, Carlene Carter, Casino Steel, John Payne - vocals

Torstein Flakne, Svein-Dag Hauge, Stein Ramberg - guitars * Yngve Moe - bass * Baard Svendsen - keyboards * Steinar Krokstad - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Feelin' Alright * 02 One Of These Nights * 03 Reach Out, I'll Be There * 04 All The Young Dudes * 05 Keep On Runnin' * 06 Let's Spend The Night Together * 07 Centrefold * 08 Devils Right Hand * 09 Strange Brew


Just who decided to put this supposed supergroup of singers together to record a covers album was probably high on something illegal at the time.

In Norwegian circles Scott and Steel were reasonably well-known, Carter of course was the daughter of the legendary Johnny Cash while John Payne was not that well-known at the time, but would find success with Asia six years later.

From an AORsters viewpoint, this album only holds sway because of the backing band presence of the Stage Dolls members.

The album is well produced and the musicianship by the Stage Dolls team is great, but the material is pretty questionable.

The Songs

It has a funky feel throughout. John Payne sounds uncanningly like Tommy Nilsson on this album.

The girls share lead vocals but shine equally among the vocal choruses. There are a handful of covers which they should've left alone. The Eagles 'One Of These Nights' is only saved by the harmony vocals from Carter and Scott.

The Tempations chestnut 'I'll Be There' is another uninspired choice, a nothing song really. They should've selected something else.

Equally, I'm not sure if Mott The Hoople fans will take to C.C.C.P's version of 'All The Young Dudes'. This one is probably here due to Casino Steel's influence, who was a big fan of that early 70's rock scene, the volatile punk/new wave scene plus of course his favorite.. The Rolling Stones!

Of the other songs, it becomes more of a bluesy rock n roll workout. Tracks like 'Centerfold', 'Devils Right Hand' are an indication, while 'Strange Brew' could easily be a Stage Dolls tune.

In Summary

A couple of years back, this CD fetched a rather high price on Ebay. Whoever bought it probably wished they didn't. It's not AOR at all - more like a well produced pop/R&B album with a rock band backing them.

Claudia Scott and boyfriend Casino Steel would later team up for the appalling 'Scott And Steel' LP from 1988, while John Payne would find a place in the second era of Asia, and be writing and playing songs that best suited his voice.

As for C.C.C.P, lets just say, it was an experiment that deserved to just have the one album released, and just the one only.

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