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ARTIST: Koo De Tah
ALBUM: Koo De Tah
LABEL: Mercury
SERIAL: 830267-2
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Tina Cross - vocals * Leon Berger - keyboards, programming, bass, vocals * John Bettison - guitars, violin * Capree Morris - keyboards * Roger Faynes - bass * Peter Radnai - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Too Young For Promises * 02 Think Of Me * 03 Missed You All Along * 04 Over To You * 05 Body Talk * 06 Change My Ways * 07 Meant To Be * 08 Fun Girl * 09 Drift Away (Don't Let It) * 10 Into The Future


Back in the mid 80's, the UK had The Eurythmics and Thompson Twins. America had Cock Robin, Denmark had Laban. In Australia's case, they had a band called Koo De Tah? Koo De who? I hear you ask..

Well, many Aussies and Kiwis will remember the Sydney based band from that era - who were making a name for themselves in the busy terrain that was the Aussie pop charts.

Essentially, KDT was one part kiwi (singer Tina Cross) and 5 parts Aussie. Cross, who was based in Australia at the time came to the band with a solo career behind her (albeit in her native New Zealand), and hooked up with songwriter/arranger Leon Berger to form the basis of Koo De Tah.

A far cry from her cabaret past, Cross took to the synth pop material like a duck to water - and looked great leading from the front.

The Songs

The songs are so 80's, you really couldn't listen to it without that thought in mind. Electronic drums, a multitude of synths/keys fill the bands sound.

Before this album, many of the tracks appearing here were first released as singles (with B sides that never made the album).

The band's first two singles 'Too Young For Promises' and 'Body Talk' came out in 1985, while 'Think Of Me' appeared in 1986. Strangely, 'Miss You All Along' paired with 'Change My Ways' came out as a single/b-side in 1987. Not sure what the logic behind that was.

There is some good material here, not strictly AOR but there is some crossover material. 'Missed You All Along' compares similarly to The Bangles meeting John Parrfor a jam session.

The awesome 'Drift Away (Don't Let It)' is a delicious synth-laden ballad, whereas 'Fun Girl' is an infectious high-energy workout similar to Laban's OTT synth pop.

In Summary

Of significance, was the use of the lead-off track 'Too Young For Promises' for the movie 'Streets Of Fire' starring Michael Pare.

Certainly, this track was released in the USA, but beyond this, the band never broke through there.

Apparently, the Koo De Tah album saw a release on CD, but is very hard to find, bordering on impossible.

In the where are they now stakes, Tina Cross is still very high profile living back in Auckland New Zealand, and is active in theater work, music, and was a recent participant in the NZ version of 'Dancing With The Stars'.

Leroy Berger is involved in production work. For those of you who like over the top synth pop with good production values and loads of keyboards and melodic lines, investigate Koo De Tah.

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