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ARTIST: American Girls
ALBUM: American Girls
SERIAL: 5702
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Teresa James - lead vocals, keyboards * Brie Howard - lead vocals, drums, percussion * Hilary Shepard - lead vocals, percussion, keyboards * Debbie 'DB' Tressler - guitars * Miiko Watanabe - bass, background vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 American Girls * 02 Androgynous * 03 One Last Prayer * 04 Stay With Me * 05 Out On My Own * 06 Goodbye Amen * 07 Blind Ambition * 08 Take The High * 09 Sharkskin Suit * 10 Practice


As you can tell from the band name that these girls were indeed as American as your typical apple pie.

From the 80's, this lot were as contrived as anything, apparently the concept behind AG was that they were supposed to be some kind of film project, which (thankfully) did not see the light of day.

Despite the setback, the band wanted to prove everybody wrong by writing material good enough to warrant releasing an album.

At the time, American Girls had two members worthy of bringing this to fruition. Former Fanny drummer Brie Howard, and solo artist Louise Goffin.

Louise is mentioned on this site courtesy of her great 1988 LP 'This Is The Place'. Goffin didn't hang around to see the project through unfortunately.

AG were compared heavily to The Gogos, no doubt due to the fact that both bands were signed to I.R.S Records.

The Songs

It's hard to listen to this album without first immersing yourself back into the 80's groove, and as time goes on, that becomes increasingly difficult.

This LP isn't graced with great songs or strong songwriting unfortunately.

The opening title track 'American Girls' is a reasonable start, 'Androgynous' borders on that hazy line between new wave and pop/rock.

'One Last Prayer' is filled with rampant percussion parts and is a busy arrangement all round.

The band sound much better when they rock out, as on 'Out On My Own' and 'Take The High', probably the pick of the bunch for me.

The last two tracks 'Sharkskin Suit' and 'Practice' aren't too bad either, but 'Blind Ambition' is just plain awful.

In Summary

The band only lasted through to the following year before chucking the towel in.

Google searches reveal that most of the girls are still involved in the music industry today.

'American Girls' is a product of the 80's, and despite not dating very well at all, is an interesting but non-essential listen for those of you into female fronted pop rock, or those of you into all-female groups.

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