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ALBUM: Power Love
SERIAL: MP32-5122
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Kal Swan - vocals * Doug Aldrich - guitars * Jerry Best - bass * Mark Edwards - drums

Guests: Guy Steiner, Kevin Riddles - keyboards * Kevin Riddles, Duane Baron, Victoria Cross, Warren Entner, Tommy Orlando - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Power Love * 02 Stranger In The City * 03 Victim Of Circumstance * 04 Hungry For Love * 05 Love Is A Lie * 06 Forgotten Sons


One of my favourite bands during the late 80's, if just for the excellent 'Dangeous Attraction' LP.

Looking back on this band, it had its origins in Los Angeles, when transplanted Englishmen Kal (Norman) Swan and guitarist Tony Smith ventured over in search of sun and opportunities.

Scottish born Swan was ex Tytan and Smith formerly with Welshmen Lone Star, and they arrived in El-Lay in 1983.

Briefly joining the band was bassist Alex Campbell, while drummer Mark Edwards (Steeler, Third Stage Alert) joined soon after, and they named themselves Lyon.

After recording a demo, Campbell and Smith departed, making way for Doug Aldrich and Jerry Best.

This would become the definitive Lion line-up, and 'Power Love' would be released for Japanese audiences only in 1986.

The Songs

The opener 'Power Love' should be familiar to all Lion fans, as it appeared on 'Dangerous Attraction'.

This version was recorded a few years earlier than that, and it appears to be a much raw and powerful version. Love it.

'Stranger In The City' by comparison sounds very tame, and the production isn't up to the 'power' levels of the previous track; which suggests to me the songs were recorded at different stages.

'Victims Of Circumstance' is trademark Lion, a solid track, though the keyboard parts were slightly annoying.

'Hungry For Love' is a guitar-chugging rocker with a slight AC/DC style.

'Love Is A Lie' was first recorded back in 1984, so it's one of their earlier tracks. It ends up being a huge power ballad (there's that 'p' word again!), while 'Forgotten Sons' is the longest track at 6 minutes.

I didn't like this version at all, the galloping guitars a bit of a put-off, though Aldrich's soloing is pretty damn good.

In Summary

Incidentally, the band re-recorded five of these songs (except 'Power Love') that subsequently appeared on Lion's third LP 'Trouble In Angel City' which were all superior versions IMHO.

The Japanese may have had first dibs on this EP, but the rest of the world would soon catch up with the Scotti Bros release 'Dangerous Attraction'.

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