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ALBUM: DE5 (The White Album)
LABEL: Drive Records
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Michael Elo - vocals * Torben Johansen - guitars * Kaare Barkov - keyboards * Lars Danielsson - bass * Magnus Persson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Luk Mig Ind * 02 For Sent * 03 Tæt På * 04 Blues'n * 05 Macho * 06 Nights On 2nd Street * 07 Du Si'r * 08 Alene * 09 Se På Mig


I'm a huge fan of Danish melodic rock and AOR. Many Danish acts fly the flag for their country on this website, and we have another band who have not been featured here previously, so better late than never.

DE5 Have been described as the Danish version of Toto, and I guess when you hear them that comparison might ring true. They've released two self-titled albums, one in 1985 and this one in 1986.

The difference being: one is known as the 'black album', and the other is known as the 'white album'. When you look at the cover art you'll soon know why.

Both are sung in Danish, which makes the overall listening experience a unique one.

The Songs

The flying Danes get off to a massive start with 'Luke Mig Ind' (Let Me In) which is full of AOR elements from the glossy keys and strident guitar work. Second-up 'For Sent' features that famous shuffle sound made popular by Toto, no disguising that fact here.

'Tæt På' (Close) is another of the pure AOR songs onboard, lots of parpy synths, fluid guitars and energized vocals. Great stuff.

As per the title, DE5 try their hand at blues with 'Blues'n' and they do a decent job at it too.

'Macho' pulls into a mid-tempo rest area, but things get positively stir crazy with the powered up 'Nights On 2nd Street', the sole English sung track on the LP, and what a beauty it is, with guitarist Torben Johansen kicking up merry hell.

'Du Si'r' is another track on the upbeat side, which leads me to say that this is heavier than anything Toto did during this same timeframe.

'Alene' is the ballad on the album. but in saying that, there are moments that pull it out of the embers and then get dropped into a bonfire. Listen to Johansen's soaring guitar work as an example.

'Se PÃ¥ Mig' (Look At Me) finishes up this spritely set of tunes, with more AOR goodness on offer.

In Summary

Unless you know your 80's AOR like a PHD graduate, DE5 will be unknown to many here.

They were given some space in an issue of 90's fanzine AOR Classics, but you'd be hard-pressed to find any English written articles on them outside of Denmark back in their 80's heyday.

We've put up both DE5 albums in our Members Only Downloads area, so check them out.

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