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ARTIST: Fixx, The
ALBUM: Walkabout
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 1990, MCA, MCAD-5705


LINEUP: Cy Curnin - vocals, piano * Jamie West Oram - guitars, vocals * Rupert Greenall - keyboards * Adam Woods - drums * Dan K. Brown - bass * Rupert Hine, Lisa Dalbello - background vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Secret Separation * 02 Built For The Future * 03 Treasure It * 04 Chase The Fire * 05 Can't Finish * 06 Walkabout * 07 One Look Up * 08 Read Between The Lines * 09 Sense The Adventure * 10 Camphor


Living in the pop glamour of the 1980's, The Fixx had a way of putting out very good albums without selling their souls.

MTV always had the band on heavy rotation, but no comparison can be made to 'Red Skies' or the energetic 'One Thing Leads To Another' and the latest colour-splashed pap offerings from Culture Club and the Thompson Twins at least in my young mind.

These days I become very sentimental listening to their early work and while some of the U2-isms that influenced The Fixx as well as The Alarm and their ilk are more apparent than they were back when.

I'd much rather listen to 1982's 'Shuttered Room', or the top selling follow-up 'Reach The Beach' than Bono's pontificating any day of the week.

The Songs

'Walkabout' has been called the last 'great' Fixx album although I think 1988's overlooked 'Calm Animals' had a lot going for it as well, but that's another story for another time.

This album seems to exist on its own level in The Fixx universe, opening with a bang with two of their best songs, the mid-tempo 'Secret Separations' and the now trademark chiming guitars of 'Built For The Future'.

Both garnered heavy airplay on American radio, long after the fickle British press had turned a cold shoulder to the band.

The remaining material is nearly as solid and songs like the mesmerizing 'Treasure Kit', the jazzy, imaginatively rhythmic title track and the magnificent 'Camphor' make for an interesting listen that I rarely tire of.

In Summary

The steamy summer of 1986 found The Fixx on an extensive tour of North America with The Moody Blues supporting 'Walkabout'.

A compilation of remixes and live tracks from that tour can be found on 1987's 'React' album although the bands fortunes were most certainly on the decline at this time.

A few years down the road and with some surprise, 1991 saw The Fixx return to the market with the disappointing 'Ink' disc and further releases that pale in comparison to The Fixx once remembered.

Now 'fixtures' on the 80's nostalgia tour circuit, late word is a new studio album for 2010 is in the works.

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