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ALBUM: Walk On
LABEL: Chrysalis
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Mark Lewis - vocals, guitar * Don Ruzek - keyboards * Peter Bell - bass * Lee Johnson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 When It Rains * 02 There Goes Everything * 03 Rags * 04 The One In You * 05 Where The Flowers Grow * 06 One Life * 07 Beyond Me * 08 Walk On * 09 Million Miles Away * 10 Silver Heaven


This is a band hailing from Richmond Virginia. The musical landscape from that region was a rich hubris of new wave and power pop, with many good bands emanating from Richmond, Norfolk and down to the North Carolina border.

One such band The Dads were to feature prominently during the early 80's, so too The States. The talented Mark Lewis would move on from The Dads to form Ten Ten.

Their privately released 1984 LP 'Ordinary Thinking' would eventually land Ten Ten with a major label record deal with Chrysalis.

The Songs

That label would try to break Ten Ten into the German market where the LP was given a local release.

Their move to try and position Ten Ten as the American version of U2 was a bit questionable, the band had good songs - but they were never in the same league.

The lead off single 'When It Rains' was aired on MTV during 1986, but the album didn't go anywhere fast, despite having a number of catchy tunes.

In Summary

There is some suggestion that the band might reunite for a one off gig in their homestate of Virginia during late 2010.

Lewis these days is a producer/engineer based in New York. For those of you into 80's new romantic/AOR crossover, then Ten Ten might just interest you.

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