Warminister - 1986 Out Of The Ashes

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ARTIST: Warminister
ALBUM: Out Of The Ashes
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 2009, Retrospect Records, RR 473
SPONSOR: Retrospect Records


LINEUP: Scott Wallace - lead vocals * Benny Bodine - lead guitar, vocals * Chris Scott Weiser - guitar, keyboards, vocals * Matt O'Shaughnessy - bass, vocals * Deron Castle - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Out Of The Ashes * 02 We Rock To Rock * 03 Get Started * 04 With You All Along


From Ohio, Warminister delivered a highly collectible EP back in 1986 that showcased their HM ability. Their style has been described as street metal, and that describes them to a tee.

In places they have an early Virgin Steele style, no doubt due to the shrill vocals of lead singer Scott Wallace, who has included David De Feis on his CV.

The twin guitars of Benny Bodine and Chris Scott Weiser power this band, the double attack may remind listeners of bands such as Le Mans, Vyper, Icon and Malice.


The Songs

Only the four songs here, and all are uptempo rocking tunes with no obligatory ballads. Thank god for that.

Some swirly synth wind patch introduces the title track 'Out Of The Ashes'. It's a carefully built progression that develops into an atmospheric and drama filled affair. There's a lot to like here. The guitar solo takes a leaf out of the book written by the late Derek Frigo, with the mandatory dive bombing resembling the strangling of a whinnying horse!

'We Rock To Rock' is a straight ahead rocker with big chugging guitars in the mould of Malice.

Warminister lift things to a higher level with 'Get Started', bringing back reminders of that first classic Icon album. The chorus is a bit of a gang-chant, and everything else hangs together nicely. Very 80's..

'With You All Along' has similar values to the first track, acoustic/electric intro with a big chorus, not unlike some of the hair metal bands from that era, I'm thinking Warrant, Black N Blue etc. Another good song all round.

In Summary

Retrospect have done the honours and resurrected this highly sought after item into the digital age from the original masters.

Though the band's dress sense needed a lot of work (years later they look kinda daft!), their music didn't.

If you're into razor sharp 80's metal with a boat load of melody (all the band provide backing vocals), Warminister are well worth a look at.

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