London - 1986 Don't Cry Wolf

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ARTIST: London
ALBUM: Don't Cry Wolf
LABEL: Metalhead
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Nadir D'Priest - vocals * Lizzie Grey - guitar * Brian West - bass * David Carr - keyboards * Wailin' J. Morgan - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Drop The Bomb * 02 Set Me Free * 03 Hit And Run Love * 04 Under The Gun * 05 Oh Darling * 06 Fast As Light * 07 Put Out The Fire * 08 Killing Time * 09 We Want Everything * 10 For Whom The Bell Tolls


Nadir D' Priest is a bit of a local legend in Los Angeles. His band London is so underrated that they appear as nothing more than a blip in the history books of melodic rock and heavy metal, but that's not really the case.

The band formed back in 1978, with Lizzy Grey and Nikki Sixx as their original leaders. The early formation of London was a treasure trove of personnel; most of the former members would go onto bigger bands during the 80's.

The list is extensive. The original version of London would fall apart a few years later, only to be resurrected by guitarist Grey in 1984, who then bought in new members.

The band would release their debut album 'Non Stop Rock' in 1985 on Mike Varney's Shrapnel Records, and followed it up with this one a year later; again with a different line-up, and also a different label, Metalhead.

The Songs

There are a bunch of cool songs here, that despite the passing of time, sound kinda groovy in 2014.

I'll admit that I was raised on Motley Crue's 'Too Fast For Love' and 'Shout At The Devil', but honestly, I reckon London come off more convincingly than Neill, Mars, Sixx and Lee ever did.

For starters, D'Priest is a far superior vocalist. Things get cracking with the sonic bombast of 'Drop The Bomb', which acts as a mid 80's flashpoint for all things glam and metal.

There's more chainsaw chugging riffs courtesy of 'Set Me Free', complete with pumping bass and rough-house vocals.

'Hit And Run Lover' sounds like a song-title from Billy Idol; you can imagine this one being blasted though The Whiskey PA system back in the day!

Yet again, we have another song titled 'Under The Gun' (I'm losing count how many songs are out there with that song-title!..Ed), and it should appeal to all the AORsters here, with glossy keyboards for accompaniment.

London change tack with the slow bluesy rocker 'Oh Darling', which is a cover of The Beatles chestnut. A good contrast, but London really flip things on their head with the boisterous 'Fast As Light', with accelerated drum work and frantic guitars.

The same could be said for the manic 'Put Out The Fire'. I have images of firemen with guitars and hoses attached putting out fires, as if it were an MTV video clip! Surely not?

'Killing Time' is a growler of a heavy rocker. Some snarling riffs from Mr Grey and a boatload of melody for extras.

The drums kick into double time for 'We Want Everything'. No slow metronome here folks. It certainly has the L.A glam metal stamp of approval all over it. For 1986, it's the right time and right place!

The closer 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' is the bands 1986 exit point. It ain't even close to the better known Metallica version, and winds things down in mid-tempo and restrained fashion.

In Summary

I have always admired this band, and glad to see that Nadir has been keeping the flag flying over the years.

There are some recent recordings available, which I might just have to follow up. I'm certain there are some great stories to be told with this band's early history, so who knows, we might get around to doing the 20 questions with Mr D'Priest at some point!

As per the guy on RateYourMusic: Jon Fox.. 'knock it back'!

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