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ARTIST: Jameson, Nick
ALBUM: A Crowd Of One
LABEL: Motown Records
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Nick Jameson - all vocals, all instruments

Guests: Kim O'Leary - background vocals * Tony Carere, Kim Parks, Jon Marett - saxophone * Sandy Arenz - oboe * David Andersen - drums 'The Whole Truth'

TRACK LISTING: 01 Weatherman * 02 Bring Your Love To Me * 03 Gonna Hold You Tight * 04 Last Act Of A Desperate Man * 05 Love's Closing In * 06 Wishing My Way Back To You * 07 The Whole Truth * 08 I Don't Know Where I'm Going (The Train Song) * 09 Save Your Heart


It's a case of 'one man does it all', and so it seems the album title 'A Crowd Of One' is an appropriate label for one time Foghat bassist and producer Nick Jameson.

This LP has come as a bit of a surprise to me, because I'd never heard about it previously, despite being aware of Nick's previous connections.

While with Foghat, and their association with Bearsville Records, Jameson had also released his debut solo album 'Already Free' back in 1977.

Not having heard that effort, I would be more than interested in having a listen, judging by what I've heard on 'A Crowd Of One'.

Just quite how Jameson landed a deal with non-friendly rock label Motown beggars belief, and if you were thinking they were gonna lend him a helping hand, don't count on it - despite Nick giving Berry Gordy a thank you credit on the back album cover.

To be honest, 'A Crowd Of One' really should've been an album released on a label like Scotti Bros. It's got that classic mid 80's flavour that made the label popular among the AORsters of the day, notwithstanding fans of B grade (or even C rated) action flicks from the era ('The Wraith' anyone?)

Considering that Jameson did just about everything on the album, the man certainly has a knack for writing very melodic AOR and pop/rock.

As enthused as I was over the recent Jakata album, and having gone the extra nine yards to buy the LP, I've gone down the same route with this LP, picking it up for a couple of quid from a British vinyl seller, making me a very happy chappy indeed!

The Songs

Jameson leads off with 'Weatherman', a track that has lived on the GDM Jukebox since I become aware of this album. it's funky hi-tech AOR with a hint of Mr Mister in the sound, but not as overblown as those guys.

Smooth calm and collective, 'Bring Your Love To Me', pulses along with melodies and harmony at the forefront. 'Gonna Hold You Tight' bounces all around the soundscape, it's got Tim Feehan written all over it, either that, or it could be a song tailor made for mid 80's Pointer Sisters!

'Last Act Of A Desperate Man' is a cool rock ballad, mid-paced for the most part, but it has wider appeal. I think it would make an ideal track to be covered by any hard rocking band.

'Love's Closing In' has also been on the GDM Jukebox for a few months now, a totally likeable tune with a funtime singalong component added to it.

'Wishing My Way Back To You' is in the same cruisy style as early 80's efforts from guys such as Greg Guidry and David Roberts.

Nick changes tack for the bombastic 'The Whole Truth', it's AOR in the same sense as bands such as Sneaux and their ilk, the blustery sax solos adds the extra edge.

The pace picks up for the Dakota like 'I Don't Know Where I'm Going' (The Train Song'), the chorus, vocal melodies and keyboard flurries does it easily for me.

The final song 'Save Your Heart' finishes off in epic fashion, a longer song, but with ebb/flow passages that aims for a pompous finish. This one will impress AORsters that I have no doubt. The chorus is a killer.

In Summary

A couple of tracks on this album featured on other albums elsewhere. Jack Wagner recorded 'Weatherman (under the title 'Weatherman Says'), which is the first track on his 1987 album 'Don't Give Up Your Day Job'. It even made it onto the charts reaching #67.

Another track 'Love's Closing In' was also featured on the soundtrack to the 1986 film 'A Fine Mess'.

Since then, Jameson has gone on to become a top voice-over actor, and was best known for his role on spy thriller '24' (starring Keifer Sutherland) playing the role of Russian president Yuri Suvarov.

As an album, 'A Crowd Of One' is definitely a crowd-pleaser if you are into that hi-tech/pop rock sound from the 80's.

Very nice album, pity it's not better known.. Go do the proper thing and search for an LP on Ebay before it becomes as rare as hen's teeth.

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