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ARTIST: Frontiers
ALBUM: Front Page
LABEL: Fronttrack
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Tony Brorsson - vocals * Hans Asp - guitars, vocals * Peo Gaasvik - keyboards, vocals * Patrik Soderstrom - bass, vocals * Peter Soderstrom - guitars, piano, vocals * Johan Kullberg - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Time Will Tell * 02 Help Me Now * 03 This Feeling * 04 Separate Worlds


From the mid 80's era of Europe and Treat, comes another melodic rock pretender: Frontiers.

This Stockholm based band had all the attributes, good looks, good sound, but never really got out of second gear and didn't last the distance, breaking up in a short space of time.

They did release 'Time Will Tell' as a single, and eventually this 4 track EP 'Front Page' which as a statement is not particularly strong or memorable, truth be told.

The Songs

The problem for me are the lack of strong vocals. The band really should've selected someone to sing these songs because Tony Brorsson doesn't do them any justice.

The backing vocals aren't too flash either. Let's look and listen to the four songs on offer.

'Time Will Tell' is a reasonable start, good instrumentation but the vocals are weak. Brorsson really needed to stand out with such a big sound behind the voice.

The chorus needed to be big too, but doesn't. The solo parts for keyboard and guitar (loads of tapping) are rather tasty, so it makes up some ground.

'Help Me Now' is also undone by the vocals, though the song itself has some good moments, even though the verses are ordinary and needed something else from elsewhere to kickstart into high gear.

'This Feeling' heads into ballad territory, and is too dreary to contemplate unfortunately. When you compare this to stuff by Europe (a la 'Carrie') or Easy Action ('In The Middle Of Nowhere'), then you know where the line is drawn.

Synths take the lead on the closer 'Separate Worlds', and overall this is probably the pick of the bunch, though there wasn't too much to pick from to be honest. Good guitars and synths all round, but I don't need to remind you of the vocals. Sorry to say.

In Summary

From the band, only two members have really stood out in the future years, that being Peter Soderstrom who has played in many bands since, but is best remembered for his 2003 stint with the excellent Ignition.

Drummer Johan Kullberg has played with many top bands (Ignition included), but names such as Lions Share, Talk Of The Town, Zan Clan and Therion are ones that stand out.

For a dose of classic Swedish melodic rock/AOR, try and track this down on a fileshare blog somewhere.

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