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ARTIST: Allies
ALBUM: Virtues
LABEL: Light Records
SERIAL: 71157-09157
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: 1995, Light Records, 51416 5154 2 (2 on 1 with Allies)


LINEUP: Bob Carlisle - vocals, guitars * Randy Thomas - guitars * Sam Scott - keyboards * Matthew Chapman - bass * Jim Erickson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Hardened Hearts * 02 On With The Fight * 03 If You Believe * 04 Harmony * 05 Prayer For The Children * 06 In America * 07 Jacque Remembers * 08 Somebody Told Me You Were Crying * 09 Let's Fall in Love (All Over Again) * 10 Runnin' Out Of Time


Christian band Allies were one of the better acquisitions for the Light Music label back in the mid 80's.

With Allies, the label released just the two albums: 'Allies' (1985) and this one 'Virtues' the following year. I rate both albums very highly, with former Sweet Comfort Band guitarist Randy Thomas and singer Bob Carlisle leading the way.

The band were signed more or less on the spot after delivering an 8-track demo mere weeks after coming together. That first Allies album is reviewed here already, so lets take a listen to this second effort.

The Songs

'Hardened Hearts' opens the account, and it's a beautiful ambient form of AOR. Very melodic with a magnetic chorus to boot.

'On With The Fight' is heavy on the drum-work, regimented in parts, with big shout-outs on the chorus which makes this one more boisterous than usual.

'If You Believe' is archetypal CCM/AOR from the decade, and believe me I listened to a lot of this stuff between 1985 and 1991.

'Harmony' sounds bright and breezy, perhaps one drop of sunshine more than rivals Petra were doing at the time.

Sam Scott leads the way on piano for 'Prayer For The Children', no doubt a follow on from 1985's aid projects for hunger and starvation, particularly in Africa.

The sentiment on 'In America' though patriotic during the Reagan era sounds very dated and totally out of sync with events as they are decades later.

Allies try a different tack for 'Jacque Remembers'. A jangly pop oriented ditty which is unlike anything the band have tried before, and it works!

'Somebody Told Me You Were Crying' is teary ballad material similar to Carlisle's solo hit 'Butterfly Kisses'.

'Let's Fall in Love (All Over Again)' is a continuation into ballad country. Gosh I hope they weren't playing these live, they could seriously put people to sleep!

Thankfully we get a wakeup call with the majestic hi-tech AOR of 'Runnin' Out of Time'. This is much better, and should've been higher up the track order for maximum effect.

In Summary

This would the end of their partnership with Light Records, while keyboardist Sam Scott would depart later on in the year, his place taken by Kenny Williams.

Allies would move over to the Dayspring label, and release a whole bunch of albums right up into the early 90's.

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